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I_P_5 – Week 5

Group Workshop workshop.

My ideas revolve around EMF and the shapes they make.

I re-encountered Chladni plates and the harmonograph. No clear idea, yet. They are both examples of how sound affects matter. – Modal Analysis of the Chladni Plate

Ernst Chladni (1756 – 1827) was a German physicist and musician, most famous for inventing a technique to show modes of vibration on a rigid surface. He also invented musical instruments, the euphon and the clavicylinder. In addition to these achievements he developed an interest in meteoritics and contributed theories which challenged the accepted understanding of meteorites and where they came from. He has been called “the father of acoustics” and the “father of meteoritics” because of his pioneering work in both fields.

Chladni figures (“nodal patterns“) 

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