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I_P_5 – Week 4

This week saw us taken on a journey to somewhere with something. All our journeys were different, despite the common elements. These elements were “null island” and a sweet potato. Photography seemed to be the most expedient way I could explore and express ideas, so I took photographs.

My first visit to null island


  • Null Island (0o N, 0W)
  • Sweet potato
  • Paper bag
  • Playlist

Location of “null island”
Soul – the bouy

I found out about Kiribati, the antipodean location at 1° 25′ N and 173° 00′ E.

Kiribati and “null island”

I discovered my sweet potato has a propensity for posing.

shy spud
sad spud
swim spud
travel spud

I made some audio recordings of spud rolling around in the SoA lecture theatre and falling down the stairs. A somewhat undignified performance but a necessary part of my explorations.


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