Group 3/Grŵp 3/Ayeayelabrapuss

Paulina Mikolajczak

1st Year Creative Arts Student

“Nature: What is it exactly?”

Lucy Jenkins

1st Year Creative Arts Student

“The sky stayed blue for it though and the sunset coming down the hill was a brilliant red.”

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Nidhi Goel

1st Year Creative Arts Student

Exploring Nature

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Amy Hamlett

Creative Arts Student

“Themes very present in my work are appearance, identity, and how this effects both our physical and mental health, alongside how we connect our minds and bodies to nature.”

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Richard Dannenberg

2nd Year Creative Arts Student

“But am I an artist? I don’t know, I’ll let you decide.”

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Anna Yang

3rd Year Creative Arts Student

Keep creating for my work.

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Farrah Nicholson

Fine Art/Art History student

Hi I’m Farrah! I am a third year Joint Honours student of Fine Art/Art History at Aberystwyth. My career ambition is to go into the field of Curation, as I have a strong interest in the way in which people react and respond to certain events/things.

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Isaac Peat

2nd year Fine Art Student

River Ystwyth’s Voice

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