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Farrah Nicholson – Semester One

Nature – Semester One

I have taken the idea of ‘Nature’ which we are using as the overall theme for the semester, and deconstructed it. There is ‘Human Nature’. There is ‘Environmental Nature’. Both are inextricably interlinked yet fight against each other constantly. I will be investigating why.

I have been inspired by what I have been witnessing during the Coronavirus pandemic; the ways in which it has impacted on both human and environmental nature. Walking around the streets of Aberystwyth I have seen so much waste on the floors; there is an abundance now of single-use plastic wipes, gloves, and disposable masks. I see masks everywhere I go, littered on the floor, blending into the Autumn leaves. It saddens me to see this new type of urban rubbish; if they are to become part of our lives then we need to find ways to make it sustainable. This is something I will be exploring in my project – trying to find a new cycle, a new purpose to the ‘rubbish’.

I have sectioned the work I have been doing throughout my project so far into weeks: each week is a collection involving experimentation, reflection and research. I have also collated together a page titled ‘Assemblage of Masks’ which I will be adding to every time I photograph a mask on the floor. Please follow the links below in the menu to see my work.

About Me

Hi I’m Farrah! I am a third year Joint Honours student of Fine Art/Art History at Aberystwyth. My career ambition is to go into the field of Curation, as I have a strong interest in the way in which people react and respond to certain events/things.

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