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Amy Hamlett

Semester 2: animal

Hello welcome to my page!

My name is Amy, my last project on nature took me on an adventure through my mind and expressing my emotions through face painting. The image on the left shows some of my work from our previous project , if you wish to see this journey go to “Amy Hamlett Nature”. I am excited to see where the theme “Animal” takes me and I hope you’ll find it enjoyable to read through my page as it develops.

Week 1- what is animal?

To start my investigation I want to brainstorm my ideas of what animal could be and mean. Below is a list of some keywords I feel relates to animal.

  • Extinction
  • Symbolism
  • Relationship
  • Mythical
  • unhuman
  • Spiritual
  • Print
  • Domestic
  • Conservation
  • Perspective

I then began looking into these words and ideas further focusing on ones I felt more drawn too.


This theme I feel has deep roots into my work as an artist already. Reflecting back on my group project for nature there was a deep concern for animal well being and the conservation of the environment.

Here is an image of our protest/performance piece highlighting the negative affect plastic waste has had on nature during the pandemic.
Amber davenports work isn’t necessarily an example of a theme however I really enjoy her work. And feel her colourful style could be a fun way to create educational pieces.

I wanted to investigate how I can creat art surrounding conservation. The painting above by Kandra really inspired me making me think greatly about what animals are currently endangered and how I can represent them. I really also like the art style and choices behind the design.

Alexis Kandra’s paintings are portals into surreal parallel worlds, with unlikely animal interactions and theatrical settings. The grid acts as another dimension, or unseen structure behind the universe. Each painting tells a story about how complex and beautiful life can be.”


Butterfly symbol represents the soul and resurrection in several parts of the world. The butterfly in itself represents life and its cycle.
The spider symbol meaning creativity and it often believed to link the past and the future. Many traditions consider the spider as the weaver of the fabric of life where they introduce both writing and the making in clothes.

All my information I received from I have listed the basics of some that resonated with me.

The tiger is a symbol for power and energy all over the world. It is featured prominently in Chinese mythology and is the second best behind the lion in the badge of military ranking.
A Bird is a symbol of human soul and it represents goodness, joy, wisdom and intelligence. For other groups like the Western art it symbolizes air and touch and throughout the life time, the bird flight is the symbol our soul journeying to the future. Additionally birds on flight represent the light of the spirit for hope, beauty and transcendence.


Though different from my previous work as an artist I do find myself very drawn to this sub theme. Especially when looking at monsters and fantasy animals such as, Phoenixs, dragons and mermaids. Furthermore I really am fascinated by mythology surrounding people, for example Medusa and her hair made of snakes which turned onlookers to stone.

Medusa by Micheal Knepper

Another similar idea with in the idea is subhuman identity’s or fairy’s. If I was to develop this idea I may creat self portraits edited so that I may have antlers for example. An artist who creates such work is autumnalwood on Instagram who’s work is featured above.

This piece is created by Hakobune Komite. An artist I stumbled across on tumblr.

Week 2- further investigation into the themeanimals.

To begin this week I created some free mind drawing based on the film we watched as a group called “becoming animal” by Emma Davie and Peter Mettler.

Later in the week I was watching rupauls drag race uk when one of the contests created this look (screenshotted from Veronica greens Instagram). I really liked this creation as I felt it was a literal form of what I had been picturing in my head. This piece in particular is a cross between a pig and Medusa which is extremely odd and fascinating so I decided I wanted to draw it for part of my research and experimentation.

Week 3-creating my own mythical creature. ‘

Basidoanimalis or “Basi” for short

The pictures featured are the paper featured as part of our group project describing the creature we have created. Some of the most distinct points include; they live in a community of Basi in which they protect each other, they are birthed as small sprouts unable to move from the ground until they are 3 weeks old, on average they live until 100 years old however some have lived up to 300 years old.

The name drives from “basidiomycota” (which is the scientific name for mushrooms) and “homo animal is” ( the binomial name for man with a soul)

Some more facts include; they grow anywhere from 6 inches to 1ft tall, they communicate through the ground and roots, they are very private and secretive especially towards humans, they love damp environments, they can camouflage to protect themselves, they are very intelligent and spiritually they believe in the process of returning to the earth to be later reborn.

Week 4 – Investigating mythical creatures.

For the section of my project I have decided to take lots of influence from one of my favourite series, the Witcher. This creation is in the form of books,video games and more recently a series on Netflix, I’m planning to sites my review on the Witcher 3 video game. I have chosen to focus on this because of the huge variety of mythical creatures and how they are documented. The series follows ‘ Gerald of Rivia’ a Witcher who was evolved from man using magic and experimentation in order to slay monsters. Because of his role as a monster slayer he keeps a bestiary in which he documents the mythical creatures he encounters. I want to go through some of what I believe to be some of the most intriguing entries. to read more.

The main categories within the bestiary are; Beasts, Cursed ones, Draconids, Elementa, Hybrids, in sections, Necrophages, Ogroids ,Relicts, Specters, Vampires.

Sirens (or more specifically I’m the image a Nixa) are hybrid humanoid known to prey on sailors and lure their prey into a false sense of security with their voices.
Leshens are categorised as relics. They are accident forest spirits often wearing a deer skull with tree like limbs, lessens use the surrounding environment and even animals to kill their prey.
An ekimma or ekimmara is a type of lower vampire like fleders are. These tend to be more vicious and animalistic than their higher vampire more humanoid counterparts.
Werewolves are therianthropes who transform into wolves half-wolves. As other such creatures, they are hardly hurt by steel but very vulnerable to silver. They are categorised as Cursed ones and have many similarities to much of their cursed counterparts such as berserkers.
Wights are necrophages who are found in deserts and cemeteries in the warm season. They are only dangerous when confronted in the vicinity of their habitat. They drain their victims of their life force and reportedly have glowing eyes.
Noonwraiths haunt cultivated fields and meadows; they always appear when the sun is high; they are specters but at the same time they maintain a strong connection to the natural world. Wraiths are often created due to traumatic deaths. An similar alternative is a nightwraith.
This is a drawing of a lessen I created. This piece really helped me think about my project and what I want to create for the summer show, I’m leaning towards the idea of creating my own bestiary and presenting it for the winter show. This would be a collection of drawings and information about the creatures.

Week 5- group project idea.

For the group project in purposing that we create safe spaces for our local wildlife by upcycling/recycling objects which would normally end up in landfills or our oceans. Below I’ve shared a link to my powerpoint for the purposely session.

Week 6-7- expanding on my work

This is a drawing of a fairy/ pixie. A fairy is a type of mythical being or legendary creature found in the folklore of multiple European cultures, a form of spirit. Fairies love gifts! They love to give them and they love to receive them. Their favorites are small shiny objects and good things to eat and drink. Fairies know that humans’ words don’t always tell the truth, but gifts can usually be trusted.

Week 7- group project vocabulary

Below is my PowerPoint on vocabulary in relation to the project. This activity really made me think sbout my work and how I wish to present it. It’s possible I could be create a short illustrated book for my project in the summer show.

Week 7 personal project.

A fiend is a relic species which is as strong as it is in big in size.
Werewolves are cursed humans consumed by rage and a first for blood.

Also this week I began planning ideas for what my stories could be for each piece. For example with these two drawing I thought I could write about running away from them attacking me, the werewolf I could talk about it transitioning into it’s scary form. I also thought more about the layout of my piece I had decided I’d have each segment to be like a diary entry, this is to make the experience more personal and up the sense of adventure.

Week 8

This week I created a drawing of a Nixa, a mermaid like creature that attacks all. However there are rumours that they used to be kind and loving and that humans killed their kind me broke their hearts till they become evil. I think in my story I’ll play on this idea.

This piece was unfinished as I changed my mind about including it in the show. I didn’t feel that it fitted into what I wanted to do and th mood I had already set. The drawing was to be of a cursed human / demonic angel type breather. Again I didn’t feel this really fitted in with my collection so far so I decided to leave it out

Week 9. Writing my story.

Here is a video showing the screenshots from my word document of the story. However to summarise my story begins with the werewolf transforming I run away into a nearby by clearing only to find more danger ( the fiend). Just when I think all hopes lots the firnd is taken down by something (the ledge ) in in real trouble now so I sprint through the woods stumbling upon a small cottage. I eventually get in to the cottage to find a fairy who helps me escape, only thing is she teleports me into the ocean where a Nixa finds me. However this Nixa is kind and helps me find my way home to the human world. I then recorded my story tweaking slightly to flow better as a I spoke and began the editing process ready for the purposal presentation.

week 10 – more editing

For this week i finished my editing process piecing together more storytelling. I edited my work using I-movie.

week 11

this week I added subtitles to my work to make it easier for those hard of hearing or those who may not be able to understand me clearly to enjoy my work. below i have attached the finished product.

to review my work I think that I had achieved the sense of adventure I wished and pieced together I relaxing yet interesting experience. The feedback I got from my film was mainly positive with a few criticisms that maybe I ould of included more illustrations to bulk out the film more and make it less simply just a story telling piece and more of an actual film taking this into consideration I would probably have done this if I was to attempt my project again.

week 12.

After completing my film we began rehearsals. it was in this rehearsal that I discussed having a more “live element” in my work. after further discussion, I reflected back on our group project and the work I created then. Mainly focusing on the elephant animation I made in response to the workshop. I decided that I could try to do a similar thing for the spring show.

here is the short animation from the workshop that has inspired me further.

To review the animation on the left that I created during the spring show id firstly say that it was an ambitious choice having to be fully involved all the way through the 12-hour workshop creating and thinking. Despite this, the challenge revealed some interesting work on my behalf and I really enjoyed the free mind experience. One thing I do wish I had done prior to the event is maybe of planned time slots for my work (however I didn’t want to take away from the freeness of the work.) This is because I didn’t get to fully explore everyone’s work in-depth and create something for them individually. However, those who I managed to create individual sections for, gave back really positive feedback for example, “I feel really honoured to be included in your work because as an artist we don’t often appreciate our creations or get see physically the impressions it made on other people.” It’s because of this feedback that i would consider doing this again I think it’s a very special way of concluding everyone’s hard work.

cocnluding this semseter

this sesmeter was really filled with lots of passion and joy for me, as i expressed and investigated things that i have grown up loving and have supported me in harder times. The work i created i felt to explore different mediums and shape my inner artists’ identity through how i used them. I am proud of the work I’ve created as i have been struggling, i am also proud of my work because it brought joy to others both through my adventure piece but also through appreciating others work.

Hello and welcome to my page. I’m an artist keen on developing my works, interests and and skills. Some of the themes very present in my work especially for this project are appearance ,identity and how this effects both our physical and mental health, alongside how we connect our minds and bodies to nature.

I wish to expand on my work by combining some different media styles for this project. One large interest of mine is make up, it’s something I’ve always used is my day to day life yet haven’t explored that much artistically. More recently I have gained access to more digital media and am learning new skills via Procreate. Doing so has also given me the opportunity to creat short animations.

Welcome to my page!

Semester 1


This digital drawing is of makeup artist visablejune on Instagram. They create gorgeous abstract make up often inspired by famous artists such as Keith Haring. This piece helped inspire my personal project as it combines my passions for make up and more traditional art forms.

Week 1 Nature- group project.

As part of our nature group project we started by watching series of clips, drawing and writing how we felt and the ideas the videos gave us. (Include pictures of the sketches I like)

Week 1

Research and inspiration for my individual project

Makeup artists

One artist I found via Instagram is VisibleJune. On my main site page I have a painting based of one of her creations. These creations are a mixture of her own ideas but also recreations of famous works on her face.

Another makeup artist who’s work really connects with my is Jezz hills. Her work is editorial and bold, I really want to use these aspects in my work.

Another artist who really inspires me is Madroni redclock. I find there work really abstract and their Instagram is filled with interesting methods for makeup application as well as colourful complex designs. I feel that her work really portrays emotion and can be very expressive, for my project I’m considering using this idea to make reference photographs for paintings.

All pictures used are screenshots from their instagrams. Artist links.

Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), or body dysmorphia, is a mental health condition where a person spends a lot of time worrying about flaws in their appearance. These flaws are often unnoticeable to others.”

NHS website definition.

Other media’s

This piece above is a digital painting by Mallory Heyer. I really like this piece because of the sections of bold colour she uses, this not only brings a playfulness to the piece but the lines flow and help contour the face. I feel that this style may be relevant to my project one I start drawing my photographs

Another artist who I find to be another possible influence goes by Mr frivolous. Their work is a bold eye catching portraits with writing that often can be read as a comment on culture.

Here i have inserted a screenshot from his website (

An artist who’s style I really admire is Dominic Beyeler. His work is bold and dynamic, I really feel like his art styling could be useful in my project as it can distort and exaggerate certain aspects of an image. This has strong possibilities to work well with my theme ideas circulating around appearance and identity leading through body dysmorphia .

This piece be Dominic Beyeler also really speaks to me as the writing across the face really symbolises to me personally that the person feels very disconnected and negative about themselves.

What have I gained from my research?

From my research I have found that work I wish to create will be bold with more abstract stylings. This is because I am more drawn to the “busy” pieces as I feel as if I will be able to reflect my themes ideas better through these stylings. I also feel that with the makeup artists I’ve chosen to take inspiration from they create art that automatically forms a commentary on the beauty standards within society due to its abstraction. I will use the research in my experimentations to reflect back on during the creative process.

Week 2 Development on the Group nature theme project.

Continuing from the previous lecture we discussed the importance of oak trees. From doing this we foraged and began planting our own oak trees. This process was really beautiful as it’s important to remember our insignificance as human beings co,pared to the grandiosity of nature. Later on we continued to expands on our notes and ideas deciding on key words we may wish to shape our work from and later propose to the group. Some my own words included Strength, respect, growth, and development. I feel strongly drawn to the word respect and will be researching some ideas about the relationship between nature and respect.

Week 2 individual project :developing my idea

For my Personal project wanted to focus on the relationship between emotions and appearance, Furthermore our disconnect from our selves and nature.I stated by being inspired by my small summer project in which i created a piece over the course of a month. For this piece I painted on to a canvas with one colour each day, the colour of choice depended on how I felt and which colour I felt connected to that day. I later began to develop my piece to include words to be more clear and give it more depth.

For example this is the piece just over half way through the month not long after starting the word development.Examples of the emotions in the piece are: yellow being joy, black being empty, pink being love. However the colours are not sticky limited to one emotion and change meaning.

From this idea I’ve decided to create a “mood colour pallet’ based on colours I feel drawn to that day. I’ll create makeup looks inspired by the makeup artists in my research, from the colour pallets.I will be using makeup to create expressive photograph portraits to paint and develop digital work with, there for combining my different interests to tell a story. I feel that by researching makeup artists such as Jezz hill, i will be inspired to create more refined work.

As part of my personal project I also wanted to explore body dysmorphia as part of my theme. This is something that’s very personal to me and a big part of the reason why I’m using myself as my model. I want to express the inability to recognise myself in my art, the emotion in the colour choices and appearance in the shapes and lines.

Week 3 Experiments for my personal project, creating a style.

Mood colour pallet.

This makeup look I tried to make well blended and mixed between colours and almost appear like mist and or clouds. I did this as I felt like my day was shrouded in “Mist” of uncertainty and emotions.

The makeup piece I created used blends of purple and golds. The purple was chosen as I had a lot of uncertainty and stress happening, the gold was chosen as to represent a literal highlight to my life rather it be due to inspiration, joy in my life or a mixture of both.

The finished look based on my mood pallet.

Week 3 2 Developing my experiment

From these I’ve created a stylised digital painting influenced from my artists research. I really like the clear Dominic Beyeler influence in my work I feel like it really improved the piece. I will do further experiments with same photograph to see clear set differences between pieces.

This development is much more stylised and the colours I’ve chosen stand out far better. there are still some base colours in the hair and a lot of layers, I think in my next experiment I’ll try a more minimalist approach

This is fully stripped back, benefits are that the sole colours are the ones I have chosen in the places I added them to my face. However I find the piece lacks focus and needs lots more detail to be an interesting piece.

Further development includes more details while limiting the colours outside of what I had chosen. I have also included some wording like Mr frivolous.

To conclude my experiment so far I really like the idea so far and am excited to see what else I can create. To develop my work further I feel as if I should invest in some more pigmented face paint in order to creat the bold makeup looks to the same standard as the makeup artists is researched. With my digital paintings I feel that my favourite development was my second piece due to the way the colours blend and create depth. However I would combine some aspects of my fourth piece and started to bring in some wondering and remove colour completely from the hair possibly to really focus on the colours chosen. I can really see how my inability to recognise myself in my work through the variety between the different pieces and also how much I struggled to draw myself.

Week 3 Research into respect and nature.

Paul Taylor’s “Respect for Nature” (i.e., Living Beings)

Accepting the bio centric outlook justifies the attitude of respect for nature–a moral commitment to treat all living organisms–including humans–as having equal inherent worth.Biocentric Outlook on Nature: A biologically-informed, philosophical worldview about humans, nature, and the place of human civilization in the natural world. It’s four components are: Humans are non privileged members of the earth’s community of life, The natural world is an interdependent system ,All organisms (and only organisms) are teleological, the belief‘ in human superiority is an unjustified bias. Reading this explanation from Paul Taylor’s book it does really make me think how respect has been stolen from the world around us.

Respecting nature is also a key aspect of many religions and cultures for example;In the culture of the Maori people of New Zealand, humans are deeply connected with nature.The two are equal and interdependent, even kin. The idea is reflected in the Maori word ‘kaitiakitanga’, which means guarding and protecting the environment in order to respect the ancestors and secure the future. Furthermore Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity, Islam; and others place great emphasis on the values, beliefs, and attitudes that relate to the cross-cultural universality of respect for natureand the elements that constitute the universe

Week 3 part 2 Developing my research and experimenting.

From my research I have been brainstorming ideas for our group project. Firstly I’m thinking of possibly developing my idea to become not simply just respect but respecting the relationship between humans and plants, this I feel prevents the word respect from being too broad but also helps explain my ideas for the group project.

I have made this simple gif of my Monstera plant and what it would look like if it was to decompose. How does this link to my project? Well I want this to be an example of respecting the realtor ship between nature and humans as I care for my plant to ensure it lives happily in my home along side me. However the decaying of the plant can also be a metaphor for the decaying relationship between nature and humans.

To develop this further into a group activity I would like to use projections and music to create a more cinematic feel. I feel it could be a great opportunity for individuals in the group to have their own messages within. For example if someone wished to speak on deforestation they could create a piece to project that speaks of how our relationship with the rainforest in poor and we have been killing the ecosystem as well as our planet. I also thought it would be a possible idea that people could get involved physically with their own projections with spoken word pieces,dance and or anything they chose helps explain their idea.

Some issues I may face with my idea:

  • Will this activity be considerate of the current climate in regards to coronavirus\health and safety ?
  • Do all members of my group have access to software in which the could make short videos or gifs?
  • Would members of my group prefer to use over media’s such as painting? How would i achieve this?
  • If we were to record everyone’s pieces would they be comfortable?

Week 4 solidifying the link in my personal project idea to the theme of nature.

Inorder to introduce elements of nature into my project in a theoretical sense I want to bring in the disconnection between humans and nature along side body dysmorphia. I personally find it interesting how I’ve disconnected my mind from my body from nature, after all we belong to the earth and are creations of nature. I started by looking around me seeing what little pieces of nature I am personally connected to and found I have a growing collection of house plants. I then photographed my plants and drew light sketches of them. I’m planning to add these sketches into my digital paintings to add more layers and depth.

Jade necklace plant
My monstera
My spider plant.
Some heather

Experiments week 4 part 2

As like my last experiment I’ve created a “colour mood pallet” these week I’ve been feeling very emotional yet I’ve been feeling the emotions of those around me. I chose colours which I felt reflected this mismatch of emotion which oddly worked well together.

Again as the same as last week I created a makeup design on my face based on my mood pallet. I prefer this piece to last weeks as I feel it’s much more expressive and playful .

This digital painting takes less influence from Dominic Beyeler than my previous experiment. However I do feel this piece has more development and layers. I have also used sketches of my plants to do more layers and detail which I really enjoy.

Week 5 group project. experiments.

From last week I have been developing my idea further to over come some challenges and make the project more inclusive and interactive for my team. I had decided to use different Images of natural disasters and the damage that nature was experiencing , projecting them into peoples faces making these statements quite literally “in their face” and displaying this as a group to the public as a performance piece. Another key aspect and reasons behind why I have used photographs covering a variety of issues ,is because when we talk about environmental issues as a society we talk about it as a whole and not only is that too overwhelming to really fix any issues but it takes away from the importance and impact of each issue individually.

To begin my experiments I starting experimenting with the projector and photographing these experiments. However I found the I’m ages were not very clear on my face and extremely difficult to work with. After some brainstorming I decided to develop my work by projecting these images while I was wearing a plain white mask. This not only made the images slightly clearer but felt had a deeper meaning and connection to the current circumstances around coronavirus and the affect the pandemic has had on the environment.furthermore I felt that the mask converting up the mouth really made me seem more emotionless and could be interrupted as the lack of care and respect for these tragedies and on going issues.

Here I have an image of deforestation projected on to my face.

Week 5 group project part 2

I wan’t to keep the use of masks in my project and the theme of respect. Over the months I have noticed lots of waste products from coronavirus including masks . I began thinking that similarly to the projections on the masks I’d develop my idea to be more practical and inclusive for all group members to be active. I have decided that instead of projections of these images, the group could paint\draw\preferred media , the images instead on to the masks instead. Not only does this have less practical issues but it works easier in the unpredictable social environment currently as we can all sit outside if needed to paint.

This was the outcome of the mask. I used only watercolours to make the mask more breathable and wearable however people may use what mediums the prefer. However the watercolour bled easily and it was difficult to make accurate lines, if my idea goes forward I will recommend people to use multiple media’s.

The mask being worn.
Here I have projected the California wild fires on to my face.

However, despite these images being quite interesting I ran into several practical issues; the light itself was very uncomfortable and made it difficult to see, the projectors are unreliable and suffered multiple connectivity issues leading to me having to use someone else’s laptop with a hdmi cable to complete my experiments so I’d have to buy multiple SD cards with the images on inorder for everyone to join in, I also really struggled to frame the images onto the mask due to its pleated design.

Due to these practical issues and the current\possible future lockdown I have decided to rethink my group project.

One of the photographs i had selected for my project.

I began by creating a digital painting using the image above to creat a plan for my mask design. I changed the image slightly to include a mask instead of the plastic bag.

I tried to make the piece more stylised so it would be easier to paint on the fabric.

To spread awareness to the public while still maintaining social distancing and obeying lockdown rules, I think that we could creat a hashtag for our project and spread awareness via social media.

Similarly to the reasoning behind why I have chosen photographs covering a variety of environmental issues , I want everyone in the group to chose their own photograph and media because it’s important to have individuality and variety in this project. Doing so means that the work really stands out from one piece to the next making each issue do the same.

Week 5 part 3 my plan.

The session for the group project will be roughly 3 hours so I have organised this time on what I expect we will need. The first 20 minutes people can chose their image from a wide selection of photograp hs I will gather together before the session, then they can sketch out the image or create their own hybrid idea similar to my mask idea shown above. Then for the next 2 hours everyone can work on creating their mask pieces. For the last 40 minutes of the session we will take photographs of everyone’s masks and share the on social media to the public. Despite the time management plan I have created I’m aware some people may have more complicated designs or more difficult materials then others so I will make it optional if people wish to make multiple or single masks dependant on what they wish to do. I will speak to everyone prior to the session to help arrange personal time goals. When it comes to materials I will help provide things such as paints etc though it would be very helpful if people could bring in their own as I’m leaving it optional which mediums they wish to use as well as healthy and safety reasons. I will also try to provide everyone with plain masks as long as they let me know in advance how many they need, again any contributions would be greatly appreciated.

Young artists in Gaza City have started painting dust masks as a way to raise awareness about the coronavirus pandemic in Palestine. Palestinian artists Samah Said and Dorgham Krakeh have transformed the plain white masks into canvasses with colourful paintings of cartoon smiles, animals and airplanes.

Week 5 personal project. The disconnection of mind,body and nature.

For this week I wanted to continue my documentation process and experiment more with how I’ll get my work to reflect my theme.

My colour pallet for this week. I felt very strongly pulled to this not pink\red colour.
This is a photograph of my makeup look completed using the colours. I deliberately used a tear drop design to relay back to the idea of emotions.
This is the painting I created again very influenced by my artist research. I used the line art of my personal plants again and kept my piece be similar to last week only I have includes words again. The phrase “back to my roots” is meant to be a play on words from my project as I wanted to push in my idea of the disconnection between ourselves and nature.
To experiment some more with the nature theme I used projector I had borrowed to place my sketches of my plants on to my face. I then drew a digital painting of this photograph.
I found it difficult to maintain this style while reflecting the shadows on my face. again I have included words the link both my mind.body and nature.

Week 6 group project.

After giving my proposal to my group we voted an my project was chosen, However we wanted to develop this idea to more inclusive for the community. We have decided that we will split our sessions in to two parts the first being presenting our images and information ,then painting an image on our white masks (like my previous experiment) and finally using the masks we find littered through out town (which is sterilised and collected with care) we paint our information and statics on to the masks.

Part two of our group project will happen the following week and will be a performance peace moving through the town. We plan to hand out cards with information about what we are doing to the public as we walk together protesting the vast increase in plastic waste and disagreed masks over lockdown. Dressed in all black we will wear our painted masks displaying photographs of the effects of mask waste as well as using all the now painted disposable masks as focus points for people to read. These masks will be attached to string in which we will creat a bunting like piece joining each other together as we preform. Below I’ve attached some examples of photographs we will use in our protest.

A collection of masks from a landfill.
A bird of pray mistaking a blue mask for prey.
Masks found in the ocean.

Week 7 group project. 1

So for this week of our group project we started part 1. Several people gathered different research and statics and we then painted our chosen photographs on to our masks as planned. We then gathered all our found littered masks and painted the statics and messages we found and created as a group. For example slogans such as “one single earth not single use,ditch disposable masks to save the planet.” After we completed this we started thinking that we possibly did not have enough masks to complete our bunting or in the least not give the more powerful effect needed. After some brainstorming we have decided to eve over the idea to attach the masks to ourselves and our clothing.

Week 7 personal project.

After my personal tutorial and lots of consideration I have decided to keep more focus on the face painting/makeup aspect of this project. I want to create a new face everyday as a diary for this project and my project proposal.

On Sunday I really struggled to recognise my face and found myself obsessing over my brow. Because of this I decided to block out my eyebrows completely and widen my eyelid. While experimenting I felt drawn to more butterfly wing like shapes around my eyes. This made me think that maybe in future experiments I could take more literal influence from nature as well as through my body and who I am being nature.
Tuesday I felt very drained and tired, I tried to symbolise this through the absence of colour. It also made me think of flowers and how delicate they are which further inspired this piece.
My face paint for Saturday. I felt very conflicted in my emotions and as if I was living as two different people, one moment I was really happy and the next I was miserable. I tried to capture this in the opposite eye makeup directions and colour schemes.
Monday I was feeling an extreme disconnect and was very emotional. I’m surprised how therapeutic this process was, with each paint stroke I felt myself becoming more emotional however this was a positive experiences it helped me release built up tension.
Wednesday I felt much more like myself and went out to enjoy the fresh air. In doing so I was inspired by the colours in the sunset and texture of the clouds .

Week 8 group project.

For this week we preformed our protest/demonstration to highlight the environmental impact of coronavirus. Unfortunately we didn’t have our full team available so we were working with a much smaller number than planned, despite this I feel we made an impact and those that attended worked well together. I really liked how we developed our idea,due to the small number of participants we felt we should instead wrap the painted disposable masks we created last session around individuals. Those who were not wrapped in masks pinned photographs to them instead. We then walked down into town doing several laps on town at about 12 midday to make sure as many people saw us as possible. I attempted to hand out the small yards I made and have short discussions about our project and the issue.

Some highlights of our protest is that the people we spoke to were really passionate and interested in our project. I also really found some of our symbolism quite powerful, for example the way our models were wrapped in the elastic with the masks to resemble the animals suffered greatly from pull toon and mask waste. Overall I feel like this project has taught me lots, from the power and how important the use of statics can be to my first time being a leader for a group project.

To further develop this piece I would ideally have more people possible 3 groups of 5-10, I would also wish that we carry signs that are easily readable as lots of people I feel were too nervous to speak to us and therefor were not fully aware of what we were demonstrating.

Week 8 personal project.

For this stage in my project created a seven miniute long practice piece in which I created a painting on my face displaying my emotions over the course of a week. This was a hugely important piece of development for multiple reasons, firstly it allowed me to practice my editing getting to grips with how long my videos should be and how much detail they should include. Further more I learnt that I experience multiple emotions a day so trying to recreate a single piece showing everything I felt during a weeks time period reduced my piece making it impersonal and irrelevant to my initial response and concept. Because of this I had to reap-roach how I wanted to document my emotions and plan a new composition for the winter show.

A screen shot of my editing towards the beginning of my film.
A second screenshot of my editing process further on in my film.
The final outcome of my experiment.

After some evaluation I began documenting my mood changes daily and found that I experience many stages of emotion each day. I decided to break my section of the livestream down into six sections, each section will be demonstrating a different emotions I experience over twenty-four hours, in each section I will demonstrate how I felt at that time through my face painting similar to that of my previous experiments.

Week 9 personal project.

This week I began to prep for the winter show. After deciding I needed a variety of audio playing in the background of my different sections which I relate the my different moods. I download all my audio which I felt showed a wide spectrum of emotion, this included storm clouds,heavy rains, bird song and much more.

Week 11 personal project.

For this week I filmed my 6 parts ready for the winter show. In this first part I started filming at 8am in which I was feeling anxious and tired, I was feeling this way due to my issues sleeping and my anxiety for the project. I feel this part went well, I chose to create a fog like texture with writing and free flowing lines to represent the swirling unclarity of my emotions. This piece included heavy rain for my chosen sound.

Once my mood changed at 10 am I began in my second piece. For this I was feeling much more anxious and began feeling overwhelmed. The piece I created continued using free flowing lines like that of my first piece however in this piece I’m using much stronger shapes, I felt as if this was representing how I felt trapped in my my emotions. The background sound I chose was leaves rustling.

(2pm) My next piece was after a big release of emotion, I used a variety of deep dark colours to create a tear like affect on my face. I feel like this look I created was quite literal however it very effective at representing the emotions I was feeling to my audience. I used a thunderstorm for my audio as it really symbolised the release in emotion.

(6pm) This piece I felt very disconnected and numb, out of all my looks this was personally my least favourite possibly due to the lack of flowing lines and ridged structure it felt unlike me. My choice in background music was the sound of the ocean and white noise making this section of my piece seem more unlike me and out of character.

(10 pm) This piece I enjoyed as it was really expressive and fun, I felt happy when I was creating this and I can see how it influenced my choices. I used sounds of the Amazon rainforest for my piece .

(2am) This piece was my final outcome for the day. It was created to represent all my emotions experienced over my day and take aspects of my previous pieces. I used lots of layers of expressive lines and detailing as well as picking colours which I have used throughout my pieces.

As a critique on my work firstly is that I feel I would reduce the length of my final film to be down to around 5 minutes instead of 10 as I felt it to be too long.

Concluding my personal project

To conclude I feel that over all my personal project has been successful in exploring the creative process, from the first initial stages.I responded initially through a series on sketches, lots of these featured free flowing branches and roots which now reflecting back I see that I was drawn to because nature is uncontrollable and I can see myself and my emotions in a similar manner. I further went on thinking about the relationship I have with nature and how I can represent this connection in my art. After thinking about my initial response and I began planning my concept and what I wanted to achieve from this project. I knew that I wanted to represent my connection to nature and began to focus of human nature, though not an obvious choice I was believe it’s important to remember our place in nature instead of seeing ourselves as separate. Wanting to really involve myself in my work to highlight the importance of our connection with nature I decided to bring in my joy of face painting and makeup to develop my work.

My final piece for the winter show was successful and I received positive feed back

  • “I love the sounds combined with your corresponding emotion”
  • “Really love how you’ve turned make-up into a performance”
  • “I love how vulnerable you’re being, and truly exposing your emotions, fantastic work”
  • “A beautiful portrayal of feelings.”
  • “a fantastic piece of art have really shown your vulnerable side. absolutely amazing.”
  • “very lovely work! I love the pace”

To develop my piece in the future maybe I would carry my project on for multiple days and maybe making my emotions more blatantly obvious by writing the key words of my emotion ,ore frequently through out the pieces instead of experimenting with it in small portions like I had in my piece.

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