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Group Project WEEK 5

To start with, I was VERY confused as we were just given a sweet potato to work with and almost a non existent place – making me realize this is something I need to work on as I need some structure to work with.

Talking with my lecturer I learnt how to embrace my confusion and based my project around that with few exercises for the mind and the body leading to nothing but a letting go exercise

My project was based around the topic’s confusion and nonsense – how it affects or daily lives – the workshop was based around a few exercises and a letter and taking it all away

To start the workshop everyone goes in their own spaces and writes a letter to themselves of letting something go proceeding with folding it and going to the project room that lit with projectors with light and sea/water texture – null island

There we start with a few games of whispering and continuing it and seeing what we have at the end and doing the same thing with actions moving onto a hidden written piece and more – finishing these activities with a meditation session moving onto seeing and realizing what we did in the activities and what we had left during the meditation the letters are taken away… away to the null island – I wanted to move forward with these idea by letting everyone burn it and sending it away to null island – I used the concept of null island as a disposal place where thoughts are left behind and back where we are and continuing it

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