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Lost & Found Group 3

In workshop one we conceived our imagined animals..
An acting and illustration workshop ‘The Collective Artwork Awareness Programme’ devised and led by first year Nidhi Goel and second year Richard Dannenberg
Nidhi began the workshop with a 13 minute meditation HEART CHAKRA HEALING Hang Drum Music – Attract Love & Balance Emotions
Richard led us through a series of physical warm up exercises
Richard then took us through a step by step process to get us close to our imagined animals – his becoming animal part of the workshop
For the last part of Richards process he asked us to imagine that our imagined animals were in captivity
Nidhi then asked us for two words; one to describe our experience of being our animals when they were free and one for our experience of being our animals when they were captive
Nidhi then asked us to make drawings in response to our experience of being our animals, here are our results..

I am Captivity by Miranda
While we were all warming up, becoming our animals and doing our creative responses, Amy responding to watching and listening through drawings and stream of consciousness writing..
By Amy Hamlett
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