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Lost & Found Group 2

In workshop one we conceived our imagined animals..
An audio workshop ‘Conversation Pieces’ devised and led by second year Tim Beckham. Attendant animals were; Quintessence, Dracong, Lucanus Acidus, Pauca Verber, Draig Coed, Home Sapien Aegretudo and Vulpes Abstronicalis.
Before the workshop Tim asked us to make a visual representation of our imagined animals
Tim asked us to come to the workshop with 4- 7 pre- audio clips made by manipulating objects and playing instruments. The audio clips were meant to be representations of our imagined animals – so their ‘voices’ or the sounds they made
Tim began the workshop by talking us through the workshop via a PowerPoint
The workshop began with Tim asking us to introduce our animals and then ‘jam’ with our pre-recorded sounds. Most of our pre-recorded sounds got lost in zoom land so we decided to perform live with our objects and instruments. It was challenging and very interesting to jam together in zoom, here is a clip..
As a group, we decided to play and perform our pre-recorded and/or live sounds in sequence one after the other, here is a clip..
Again Tim talked us through the PowerPoint, this time on notation, scores and audio storyboards
He asked us to draw scores that related to and corresponded with our animal and our recorded and performed sounds
Tim talked us through how to use Audacity, the free, open sourced cross platform audio software for multi – track recording and editing
Here are some of our audio compositions
Pauca Verber

Vulpes Abstronicalis

Lucanus Acidus

Draig Coed

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