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Lost & Found Group 1

In workshop one we conceived our imagined animals..
A walking and drawing workshop ‘The Bopledict Cell’ devised and led by third year Anna Serafin.
Anna began the workshop by asking us all to listen to a 10 minute meditation she had made for the workshop. She asked us to focus on our imagined animals as she guided us through the meditation
Clips from the ‘zoom’ workshop
Anna asked us all to make stream of consciousness single line drawings while we went for a 30 minute walk around our homes. While we walked and drew Anna asked us to focus on our imagined animals. The only rule was that the drawing had to have a clear end and beginning at the far edges of the page
Anna asked us to select one individual word to describe our original imagined animal and offered to our new collective animal the Bopledict Cell
Anna asked us to send her our individual line drawings. She then quickly made a new collective animal called the ‘Bopledict Cell ‘ by compiling our individual line drawings into one single cell like drawing
While she was compiling the images and designing the cell we listened to an audio recording Anna had made of bird song in her garden in the Tatra Mountains, Poland
Anna asked us to respond freely and creatively to our new animal – the ‘Bopledict Cell’. Here are our results..
Miranda’s response
Mathews response
Naomi’s response
Naomi’s audio response

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