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Graphic development over the holidays

During this christmas holidays I have dived into the design of the poetry book in order to get it fully designed by the 10th of January and be able to show it fully completed by this date. At the beginning I was struggling a bit too much with the design, having the same recurring issue: unbalanced importance of graphics and text, as well as creating slides very different to each other.

At some point after being disappointed with the outcome of the project visually as I wasn’t getting were I wanted or creating the compositions that I imagined I sat down to rethink the whole visual idea rather than keep hitting the same wall over and over again. After giving it some thought I realized that even though I had invested a lot of time in the design of the pages I already had, I had to create a whole new design because if I wasn’t happy with the pages I had visually, it was going to affect my whole perception of the whole project, and I had invested too much time in the poems to end up destroying all that effort and beauty with a bad final design. That’s why after taking another look at the design references that I had researched at the start of the project I realized that I wasn’t approaching the project right, I was creating compositions that are highly charged, complex and difficult to understand and what I wanted to transmit with my poems was completely the oposite: the beauty of the simplicity of every moment and of the mere presence of oneself as the goal of life. That’s why I decided to start a much more geometrical opposition, looking back at the work of Romek Marber, the Dadaists and the Bauhaus. When I started with this new pattern everything started to flow visually again, after such a long time stuck in the last design it was a liberation and I could enjoy the design of the pages again, clearly I had found the way to design the project.

Examples of final slides:

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