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Week Nine – Farrah

Proposal Form

Week Nine as always is was a chance to reflect on my project so far, and where it is heading for both the Spring Show and my assignment. As part of the Interdisciplinary Practice module, students are asked to submit a proposal form for the show. Although I would not be marked on this, I decided to submit one anyway as it is useful for both myself and the organisers of the show to have a document to refer to.

I knew that I wanted to be in the Spring Show, even though I am not taking the IP module this year. I think it is an incredible opportunity to show my work to a live audience. Unlike regular exhibitions where you may be there for the opening night and the audience is free to walk around the gallery space as they like, online exhibitions are different as the audience is watching the exhibition unfold at the same time, and are free to ask questions about the project and give immediate feedback. This is particularly useful with regards to my project, as it is about raising awareness and changing people’s habits which cause damage to our planet.

I have included my proposal form here, and discuss it further below.

My plan for the Spring Show is to include two elements of my project so far. As the audience cannot physically touch or feel or see the turtles in person, I have to adapt to an online audience. This is the same with my assessment where I will be submitting four final outcomes of work online.

My plan for the Spring Show is to first show a video giving information about my project so far. This will include information about the effects of both plastic waste in general, and more specifically disposable masks, on turtles. I am not sure yet on what format the video will take, my plan is to create several ideas and pitch them to my group for feedback in Week 10. I would incorporate some of my photographs of the turtles I have made into the video.

After my video, my intention is to take advantage of the live online audience and create a workshop, teaching how to make a turtle. My intention behind the workshop is not only to inform and educate how to create a turtle from a disposable mask, but really to open people’s minds up to the possibilities of what can be done with something you may otherwise throw away. There is usually a creative afterlife to every object.

When pitching my proposal to my group, I felt confident and prepared. This is something I am really pleased with as over the last two years, I have felt very anxious when presenting to a group of people. Perhaps everything I have learnt over the course has started to kick in. I enjoyed listening to my peers proposals and I feel very excited for the Spring Show. It is such an amazing way to exhibit our works, and I feel we have all come together this semester under the theme of Animal.