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Entry 5

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I was thinking about what things people like to nose at when looking at other peoples lives. Some people like looking at make overs, when people are re decorating or renovating, if someone has had a baby or even seeing what an ex partner is up to. A lot of thing will draw people into being nosey but one thing almost everyone is draw to is drama.

Drama and scandals are around 24/7. When someone has a downfall in their life, no matter how big or small, it always seems to draw attention. Weirdly, people get pleasure when there something going wrong in someone’s life. I makes them think that their life is better than the others. Not only that, but having someone’s scandal come out gives someone a distraction from their own life. It distracts you from your life and the problems you may be having and it also gives a sense of assurance that whatever problems you have going on are small and very manageable in comparison to others, especially when it comes to celebrities or people in power.

Sex and scandals are one of the biggest types. Everyone is so quick to hop on and belittle people based on what they have heard or read. No one seems to give people a chance to defend themselves before making a judgment.

As well as things like this happening to celebrities, it also happens to normal people and trust me, its much harder for normal people to come back from something like that. People are much more judgmental when something happens to people from their city or especially town where there is a smaller community and everyone knows each other, it makes it easier for people to talk about you.

Nude photos being leaked is probably one of the biggest things to happen when it comes to scandals. It can happen to anyone and can be done by anyone, whether it be someone hacking into your phone/computer, or even being sent around by someone you trusted. Judgment comes form everyone that sees them and it makes it hard for the person to feel empowered by them when everyone is talking down on them for how ‘disgusting’ it is. This doesn’t help with self expression and self acceptance it makes people feel much worse about themselves when they may already be struggle with a lot of stuff. you shouldn’t be hated for your body, everyone is different shapes and sizes and no one is exactly the same and people shouldn’t be judged for being who they are.

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