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Entry 4

pink clouds

Looking at the materials I have at hand I wanted to look at different ways I could create different images using my face. I had make-up, paints, twine, latex and different colour threads to help in creating my images.

I started by using different colours of face paints to create dots across the face to create the look of having make up on. Taking photos from different angles and zooming in at certain points to show the details on the paints. I also tried different filters on some of the images. The black and white image shows off the shadow in the image a lot more although it does hide some of the lighter tones of the paint, Maybe if I used darker shades when creating the black and white images it will make the paint stand out more.

I used different colours of thread I had around and used liquid latex to stick it to my face. I went around the contours of my face with the thread to try and define it and left the ends of the thread long and hanging off my face. I left the thread long because it looks as though I’m pulling the stitching away from a ‘ mask’.

While thinking of what to use next, I ended up finding one of my wigs! I wanted to try it out with this look. I decided to just smudge a load of colours around my eye to see what effect it would have and pray that it didn’t just end up has a murky mess of colour. I wasn’t too impressed with this look, although adding the black and white filter over the image changed the tone of the image for me a lot. Instead of looking like a bright colourful, it makes it look a bit sinister, it looks as though I have bruises around my eyes.

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