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Entry 3

lightning strikes

Self acceptance is very big journey in everyone’s life, trying to figure out who you are and where you belong can be very daunting. Everything starts from when you are a teenager, being told you must know what you want to do with the rest of your life while still trying to live your childhood. Not only is school stressful but add in the mix of social media and an online presence, it makes it easier to get caught up in what people want you to be rather that who you want to be.

People tend to get too caught up in other peoples lives and not focusing on your own can lead to a spiral of jealousy and even judging your self worth based on the success and power of other people. I have always worried about how people view me and what they think I am like based on my online persona. Always counting likes and a few occasions, even deleting posts because they didn’t get over a certain number of likes.

Not only can people be invested in the lives of those around them, they also get drawn into the lives of celebrities. News articles online and segments in magazines are dedicated to the lives of the rich and famous, giving ‘normal’ people an inside look into how the other half live. Paparazzi make a living from people wanting to be nosey in others lives. Magazines such as Hello, OK! and even vanity fair and vogue, they all rely on celebrity news and drama to make sales. People become dedicated in keep up to date with what people are doing in their lives and also what the new trends are so they can keep up to date and in style with the latest.

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