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Entry 2

Starting up on research!

After speaking to Miranda and clearing the way for my idea I decided to start looking into different artists within the theme of confessional art work. The two that stood out to me the most was Cindy Sherman and Tracey Emin.

Cindy Sherman looks into the construction of identity and plays around with cultural and visual codes of art. She uses humour and major criticism as a way to deal with mass media surrounding her such as films, advertisement, tv shows and even social media. Sherman plays around with creating different characters for herself to portray from glamorous to grotesque.

As well as looking at Sherman, I also looked into Tracey Emins work. Emins work is very much dealing with personal experiences and different states of emotion. The main themes that Emins looks at are love, desire, loss and grief, she’s probes into the social constructs of ‘women’ and the view of ones self through self-exploration. All of Emins work are somewhat pieces of her life story, with each piece having reference to family, her childhood and even her teenage struggles.

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