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Week 11 Easter Week 2

  • Audio Recordings
  • Practicing my work to get timings
  • knolling
  • tech docs
  • displaying work in arts centre

I continued to work on recording bicycle audio. I worked with multiple recording devices. Firstly I had a go2 recorder. Which was a handheld device. This did not work, the clarity of the audio was poor it was almost like using my phone again. I managed to get a marantz recorder with a Rhode Microphone.

The audio was better but it was incredibly quite. I talked to Tim about it and he said that the microphone is designed to take outside and detect sounds from far away. Not appropriate for the close work that I wanted to get.

I started using my Blue Yeti microphone which is what I use for voice overs. This worked significantly better. However I was still getting static sound so I used audacity to edit out the static and reduce noise.

Using Blue Yeti Directly plugged into PC
Using the Rhode mic and Marantz recorder
Noise Reduction with Audacity

Recorded Audio

Above is the audio I have that has been reuploaded. I did these after the fact as the files I originally made are lost and corrupted. But this gives you a sense of some of the audio clips I was aiming for.

I repeated disassembling and rebuilding my bicycle from start to finish multiple times to get an idea of how long it was going to take me. It took me a long time to get an idea of the list of assembly. This was changed multiple times but the list below is the sequence in which I was going to build my bicycle.

Timings for assembly

Item No.SectionTime (min)
1Install saddle1
2Install seatpost1
3Attach bike to bike stand1
4Fit Fork3
5Fit Headset Bearings2
6Fit stem2
7Fit stem cap1
8Fit Handlebars2
9Fit BBn/a
10Fit chainrings ?3
11Install crankset5
12Install front derailleur2
13Install rear derailleur2
14Install brake lever3
15Install break lever3
16Install break pads F ?2
17Install break pads R ?2
18Install break calliper F2
19Install break calliper R2
20Install break outer housing F5
21Install break outer housing R5
22Install gear outer housing front mech5
23Install gear outer housing rear mech5
24Pull gear cable through F2
25Pull gear cable through R2
26Pull brake cable through F2
27Pull brake cable through R2
29Fit Freehub2
30Fit break disc rotor R3
31Fit break discs rotor F3
32Fit cassette3
33Fit inner tubes and tyres F5
34Fit in er tubes and tyres R5
35Install both wheels2
36Set up brakes F4
37Set up brakes R4
38Install Pedals2
39Set up rear mech5
40Set up front mech6
41Adjust lever position on bicycle etc2
42Fit bar tape10
43Fit pannier rack4
Fit bottle cages
45Fit GPS Mount2
46Fit bell1
47Fit light F1
48Fit lights R1
  Total Time


Something that I have done as a mechanic the process of nulling looks incredibly theatrical, I think that it will be employed in my performance.

Tech Docs

I started to look at the items on my bicycle and was thinking about how far I should disassemble certain objects. I decided that the best thing to do was leave the complex items. I have the benefit of access to technical documentation through my workplace. We use this to order spare parts. But it gives a good overview of how far you can disassemble each item.

rear derailleur exploded diagram
front mech exploded diagram
Front Shifter exploded diagram

Email Chain

I started contacting the arts centre about my performance. I got back the details that I would be in the theatre space so I started looking into how I could use the space. Below is the tech information I recieved. I went to visit the location in this week. I was a little concerned about how people were going to interact with the project. Would they be able to come down and walk around the space ?

I was passed from Nick to Pete, whom I called twice in this week. I discussed my project of assembling my bicycle on stage. We talked about the practicalities of lighting and what I was going to require. This was really helpful and all of my issues were answered.

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