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Easter holidays: in 1, 2 and 3

week 1:

during week 1 i kept my promise to myself and took some time off from all uni work (or most of it). i decided i would look at how GarageBand works more as it was a very foreign software to me, not knowing much about sound terminology etc. i dabbled in the program and quickly found out that the previous work i had recorded in Audacity couldnt be transferred over to GarageBand, so i started stressing a little about that as it might mean i would have to start from scratch… not good.

i kept my spirit up how ever and decided to give it a go as it gave me a lot more freedom to experiment and play around with tools i never had in Audacity. i am still very new to this, so there were a lot of frustrating hiccups along the week and i will be honest and say… i really wanted to throw my computed out the window.

with so many new tools from the different effects (reverb and distortion) and the ability to change the strength and pitch of the audio was in a way overwhelming, but also gives me a lot of creative freedom.

i will say though. all these dials really tested my patience as i felt like i had to learn so much with so little time… funny… i might add some of these thoughts in to the project.

artist research:

Pili Takala: Admirer 2019

although this project isnt directly relevant to my own personal project i found it very interesting to see how an artist has used emails from one of their hates to create an artwork. this project was installed at the Munch Museum in 2022 in the form of multiple screen all praying videos of their interactions though email.

video in link: 2:58- 3:10.

this video also shows how the work used sound from the texting, somthing i found icreadibly unexpexted. hearing so many texting sounds at the same time, almost gives the sound a different meaning. what is the sound? this is something i am trying to get with my own work. using the work work so much so that it almost sounds like something that isnt even a word.

week 2:

for week 2 i started recording properly. looking at how i wanted the tempo to go, scrapping that as soon as i started and decided i wanted to make parts of one audio spontaneously and try to make a second audio that compliments the first one and vice versa. make a part of one audio, match it with the other and the develop more on the second one and match the first one with the new part of audio 2.

it took some getting used to with how to record etc. as the software is so different, but i eventually got the basics and have gotten a little further then what i had originally with Audacity. now i need to figure out how i want the audio to progress, as i have a good start, but have to have some variations in the audio itself to make it more interesting to listen to other than it being on loop with a shorter audio. i do want to try and make it at least 30 minutes at this point, even though the original plan was 1 hour. i realised how much work it will take to get the full hour of audio together when both audio files need to be the same length. yes 30 minutes may take away from the clock aspect of it, but the seconds are still there in the constant “Work” being spoken. i am going to try and make it to the hour, but i feel like it may not be possible with the time i have left and the new software i am using.

i did find one issue with the GarageBand app though, which is that i can work on two audio files simultaneously. i would have to close file 1 in order to open file 2, making it slightly more complicated to navigate where on the tracks i needed to add more and less sounds.

on a different note i also helped Abidish during the live interview with Dee for The TAKEOVER instagram. this was a lot of fun as i had told Dee and Abid the day before how much this project is draining me. they have been such a moral boost this week and i am very grateful for their kind words and support.

the interview part was a lot of fun as well, especially as i got my nails painted after it was all done.

artist research:

Tarek Atoui:

this musician creates his work by overlapping multiple layers of work, where his final piece is reviled at the end of the show, with a multi layer sound piece. what i found interesting about this pieces is that he is performing them in front of a live audience. maybe if i get more knowledgeable on sound and dj-ing i could have a live performance with my layered audio pieces?

week 3:

for this week i have been recording as if my life depended on it. i have been editing as much of the sound as i could in the time given and tried to compose the two audio files together so they work as individual audios as well as a duet.

i decided to try my best at keeping the clock aspect as i found a way to quickly get audio recorded and changed without it being a constant 30 minute loop. i decided i would copy the first 30 minutes i had recorded in each audio to keep some of the same tempo, and then change the copied section so it has some variety from the first 30 minutes of the audio. i also decided i to skip the clock aspect of it as it complicates the audio for the moment. with more time i could figure the clock aspect out a lot better, but as for now i am keeping the project as a piece on work life and how it takes over all of our time and removed the subtile aspect of the clock. with more time i would love to make this project inn to a fully functioning clock, working 24 hours with individual sounds per hour, but i feel as though it would have to be for a different project as this project stands little chance of being up in galleries/museums for 24 hours a day due to its loud nature and triggering language.

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