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Easter break week 1,2 and 3

week 1

In the first week I decided to go back and follow the triangle of Research, Experimentation, and Reflect from first week lecture of the second semester.  


I decided to do research on Pina Bausch so, I can learn and improve my performance. Her movements were simple, powerful, and emotional. 

Screenshots from YouTube videos.

YouTube videos.

I research another artist called Ai weiwei to gather the sense of artistic response about refugees and asylum seekers and get inspire. 

Pictures from my mobile phone. (Abidish Hussain) 

Pictures from my mobile phone. (Abidish Hussain) 


I was sick during Easter break, but I managed to recover quickly and decided to carry on with the construction of choreography step by step.  

Choreography step by step.  

Fitness side if my project.

Fitness is on track, and I am training most days in the week.  

Treadmill screen
Photos and video from my mobile phone. (Abidish Hussain) 

week 2

Visiting my place in the Arts centre

I went to the art centre to have a look and take measurement of my performance area beforehand. It was important because I was thinking about marking the floor (performance area) with black electrical tape. 

Pictures of maps for documentation. 

Final A4 size architectural style drawings for the exhibition and documentation. 

Performing my final piece for documentation. 

After putting all the pieces together for my project and the takeover performance, I decided to go to the National Library of Wales and Hugh Owen Library to see different ways of installing documents and maps.

Pictures from my mobile phone of National Library of Wales and Hugh Owen Library. (Abidish Hussain)

week 3


In the last and final week, I decided to take a break but dive deep into my mind and body to explore my home, my Body, my existence through different senses.  

Picture from Terrisamuels 

I was observing small things like, smell of roses, sound of the river, distance between one place and anther, and homes of other peoples in the landscape. 

Social media campaign.

Marketing role for The takeover (Nathan and Abidish). 

I helped Nathan to run a social media campaign on different platforms to promote The takeover 2022 event.  

Work of The takeover designing team. (Sofia in Pola) 


Went around the campus to put posters on before the event day (3rd of May 2022) 

Getting ready and moving forward with a plan.

As a group, we moved everything required for The takeover from School of Art to the Arts centre (silver pod). 

Photos from my mobile phone. (Dan Lewis) 

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