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To start my personal practice has been extremely all over the place

Starting with a broken mug – with an idea of a tree going to a banyan tree – The national tree of India – going towards painting and self expression moving towards another directing – and leading to writing and expressing

I looked into the technique of how broken objects were fixed by gold liquid and the piece became more valuable

The idea of broken is beautiful.

The project took a shift as breaking and displaying of objects could be a health and safety issue

the structure of Banyan trees was something that fascinated me, how they are so strong and new trees form their branches.

tried different mediums and moved on to realize it was experimentation but not something I would wanna pursue further.

the motion expression and emotion was something I was drawn towards but wanted to express another way explore other mediums

YES, I was and am going through an art block – was doing too many things or nothing

After a long stressful day – a horrible fight – being lied to – being put on the far dirty end – degraded by people based on rumors – I came to a big blank canvas trying to paint it – didn’t understand what to do how to calm down and I tried to paint but it turned into this as I was too disturbed to paint a figurative item – This is how it looked like

a 4ft by 4ft piece – full of color and emotion – To be honest I don’t know how I did what I did – But I know it felt good

I asked myself questions after this such as who am I? What am I doing and more

Some outcomes – tried on different surfaces and I know I was on something as this whole process was something that got me where I was truthful and just felt something

At the end there was a sense of relief

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