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Easter Break: Mason Eaton

Over Easter Break, I went home for one of the three weeks. Whilst I was home, I saw my dad and got talking to him about my project, inspired by us drawing dragons together during my childhood. He found it really exciting and found some of his old dragon inspired art pieces for me to look at and photograph. The following images are all art pieces made by my Dad, Kevin Eaton, who was the inspiration for this project about memory and time.

I spent the week studying his work and picking out different features that I could involve into my own. Spending time with him and talking to him about my project was a good boost of motivation and inspiration towards creating more work of my own. I plan to produce larger scale, more detailed pieces inspired by his style. I realised while studying his work that a lot of the processes in which I draw and my style has been heavily influenced by him, and his artistic style is shown through my own work, just in a different way. I find it extremely interesting how much influence my Dad has had on my artwork, and it makes me happy that our styles are similar.


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