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Easter Break

Sooooo, during easter break I mostly focused on making my masks. I finished them all, but I decided to make only 40 – I want to cover the whole mirror in the lift with them.

I measured everything and then calculated – 40 is the exact number that I need.

I don’t remember if I mentioned that I’m a part of the design team for the Takeover. There were some complications with organizing who is doing what, so for a couple of days I transferred to the Publication Team, but later I returned to doing design. Here are the logo and poster that I’ve made. I am not super proud of this, I am aware that I could do better, but I’ve done it last minute. I thought that Matthew’s and Saad’s designs were the chosen ones. I said then that in that case, they can be responsible for developing the logo and poster idea. I offered to help the publication team, but apparently, no one understood that. So the day before the meeting boys asked me about my design and that;’s what came out.

That’s basically it. I spent a lot of time on making masks so it consumed almost all of my easter break. One mask is like I wrote in the previous post 40 minutes so it was 26 hours that I spent on it. Oh and by the way!!!! I burnt my friend’s hair dryer during that so I had to buy her a new one. I find this so funny how I destroyed 2 home utensils in a span of 7-9 days hahahah

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