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I’m running on empty, but at least I am running.

This week has been getting well and getting busy.

Running on Empty

We’ve had our first fight practice and wanted another tonight but my actor has just had a new baby and family comes first!

Fight Practice

I had a b*llocking from my cinematographer for not being professional and messaging him with any changes to the shoot… quite right too… we now have a film messenger group.

Film Messenger Group

The weather forecast for the next two weeks is dire but the next two days are cold but good. So I’m going to push through on the filming in a hope we have something tangible in the can.


I have a wardrobe look through tonight and Captain Climate Chaos is having a ‘fitting’ issue so hopefully next day delivery will deliver, but only in red! Everyday Pain would be delighted.

The Captain in Red

My fellow students Abid and Nidhi have come up trumps and are going for a Saturday film day at extreme short notice.

Art and Humanity

What happens next….. all will be revealed next week!

The workshop today has put me firmly in the NOW for both my project and my workshop proposal…. I feel like I’m sitting on that pin! And I am concentrating my efforts and eliminating any extraneous nonsense. That clarity is hard but it’s the way forward.

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