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Tim does Time.

The musical, time keeping, idea making workshop this week was fun and productive. Matthew and I should go to the Tate with our Killing Time instillation that brought together his Super Hero characterisation and my fascination with Space/Time and A.I. Looping. I made a film of our notes which in no way represents the project… I like that…

Killing Time

Week 2 in self-directed practice is film pre-production. I have to say dealing with actors and cinematographers is a lot more complex than animation. In my deluded art brain my plan is to film a live action trailer to introduce the animation characters.

My son’s advice (my cinematographer) was you simply cannot over prepare. Think of everything and a bit more and you will still not have prepared enough….

I started with a script and was quickly told no that’s not a script!

So 3 re-writes later a script is coming together and it has made me think about the characters how they can be made flexible for both live action filming and performance aspects.

3rd rewrite of the script

I can have any costume or look I want in my animation world that’s just not possible in the ‘real’ world and it has started to drive the animation world. I knew it would but it’s started early.

The man, the myth, the legend, Captain Climate Chaos.

Everyday Pain brought his brother Capt. Climate Chaos and as he needs a protagonist we now have the Smarmy Humanity couple.

Smarmy Humanity
The Sinister Sisters

A new Global Warming has been re-drawn with her costume. Conspicuous Consumption has gone from the live film and another of the Sinister Sisters has arrived, E.L.E Extinction Level Event sister of Global Warming and Sister Morphine… like sinister Andrew’s sisters they are ready to entertain. I doubt they will sing, just destroy the planet.

The Real Andrew’s Sister’s NOT Sinister at all!

Research for Global Warming and E.L.E. has been absolutely horrendous for my sanity. I have resorted to using poetry as relief.

Dada Poetry Sketchbook

My art audit is continuing a pace, I’m not sure if it will drive the animations but I think it will appear in a workshop. It is making me think about process and my own conspicuous consumption, which was the point of starting the whole audit process.

Vintage Watercolours

We live in interesting times and I’ve written too much …. Again…

A Meme with Meaning.






  1. so the art audit is an inventory of all your art materials? love the images of them, defo look at Landy, and Thomas Hirschhorn, after this mornings discussion, yes reading around Climate Change is depressing, is there a way of documenting the reading? more interesting than the words on the painted paper – to go with the audit, a partner piece, a process peice.

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