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I want to try a new way with my blog post. I’m going to develop a more distilled visual style based on my Dada Poetry and collage, so stay with me, give me feedback and let me know if any of it makes sense!

My Dada poetry and some of the work it is based on.

First mixed workshop – dealing with feedback and critiques, and distilling our next work into one contextualise word. Mine was COMMUNICATION.

First lecture – exploring our own state. Then looking at research on audience psychology. We developed an audience character, mine was Ace Chunder, to help us understand how our work might be seen, funded and by who and why; crucial aspects of being a contemporary artist.

These two days may have been the most important and useful of my art practice so far.

Two great classes to start the semester
My class notes

I always write a lot of notes, but this time I went away and immediately reflected on the class. This turned out to be significant, as I used the audience psychology as part of my CSM interview.

The mixed group tutorial would have been handy before the interview, as distillation of practice is where the interview went.

I rewrote my CSM interview notes 3 times before I got to this one sheet.

CSM interview prep-notes.

I have started to develop my self-directed practice. I know by now that everything will change and I am cool with that process.

The Time self directed project as a Dada concept.

Look how to COMMUNICATE is already there. I had written it down, but had not recognised it before the group tutorial!

Audit of STUFF

I’ve started to audit my art materials and explore ways of recording this and dealing with STUFF.

Glo and Con

I’ve also developed new characters for the team. Glo Balwarming and Con Spicuous-Consumption. Glo is Sister Morphine’s dastardly sister. Glo look a lot like me, but then as we are all responsible for global warming that makes sense. Con is Arts brother.

Art need to learn not just to distract but inspire. About bloody time as Contemporary Art has been dossing around for too long with his brother Con Spicuous-Consumption. Art needs to get back to challenging humanity to action against those scurrilous villains, Glo and Con!

My reading research

To see what Glo and Con might get up to this semester research is vital.

The Team
The Mission

2 thoughts on “DEE MATTHEWS – WEEK 1 – A NEW WAY”

  1. Hello Glo and Con, love the new characters, strong graphics and simple message, I’ve got it..look at Michael Landy and his iconic piece Breakdown.

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