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Dee Matthews – Now is the Time Workshop


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I want to use art through social media to empower artists and people to make a change.

Now is the Time to Save the Earth (2023) Film that will be shown at The Takeover 2023 Cinema also links to a live performance at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre. Using your words, I will use a Contemporary Dada format where interactive discussion and poetry have a guided agenda but no defined outcome.

The original Dadaists of Cabaret Voltaire in 1916 was a short-lived performance art experiment in a small Zürich café that was acerbic, seemingly nonsense but was far from that as they were a needed pushback against the banality of war.

To quote a traditional Dada performance of Tristan Tzara at Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich 1916:

‘Dada is a life without slippers…it is against and for unity and definitely against the future.’

In the counter style of a Contemporary Dadaist, I suggest none of us will have a future if we cannot get a grip on runaway global warming.

“GLO” and the gang will use humour and irony to achieve a subtle or not-so-subtle social awareness, inspire thoughts of change, and maybe even Save the Earth… There is No More Time!

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I was really pleased with how the workshop went, that my fellow students enjoyed their experience and it gave them pause for thought. Here is a quick spin through today’s workshop.

Here is Now is the Time to Save the Earth (2023) for the group critique.


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  1. The Dada peeps were a bit daft weren’t they…have a look at the Fluxus gang. Remember you are part of a long tradition of iconoclasts. Keep the faith!

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