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Are you having a laugh! An Easter break for 3rd year Fine Art undergraduates… not a chance!

Did you have a nice Easter break?

Did you eat lots of Easter eggs?

So what did I do over Easter?

I made two films and wrote eight thousand words, for slides and my thesis book/essay.

I’d like to say I enjoyed lots of Easter eggs too, but blow me down they had run out by Good Friday?

So it was wine instead…

If you want to see the films you will have to come to:

The TAKEOVER 2023 at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre on the 9th of May 11am to 2pm.

Now is the Time to Save the Earth (2023)

Film still of Now is the Time to Save the Earth (2023)

The Aberystwyth School of Art Graduation Show 2023 Monday 22nd of May to Thursday 1st of June.

STUFF (2023)

Film still of STUFF (2023)

If you want to see the films you will have to come to the shows……..

I’m such a tease!

Slide example
Slide example
Slide example

Abid, Saad, Richard and myself did the first The Takeover interview on I.G. It was great fun…

The Interview

Oh and Trinity the three legged cat caught an Easter Bunny… I didn’t end well for the bunny!

Trinity and the Easter Bunny

We are now on the final stretch, uploading finished projects, but beginning the social media discussions so if they come on to your feed please join in, be art, be the change the Earth needs.





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