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It is hard to believe that it is my last post for this module because I am leaving University in… 2 weeks? How did that end so fast? I still remember the first time I entered the School of Art, and how confused, shy and lost I was. It is hard to believe how much I changed during this not 3 but 4 years. Sometimes I regret that I took a year out, that I could finish it quicker and gone on with my life, but on the other hand, I know how important that break was for me. I learnt a lot about myself, I also realized that the way I spent my first year was not right and that I need to change something. I came back in my second year with new energy, more open to people and finally, I started feeling like myself. There were no more Polish and English versions of me, I’ve learnt how to impress myself, and I become one. I feel like I improved a lot not only with my mentality but also with my art. When I applied here, I could not even imagine that I will try so many new and extraordinary things.

That leads us to the Takeover 2023. I was surprisingly calm this year – even tho I could not sleep the night before, because I worried I will not wake up at the right time for the show… I have to say that I am quite satisfied with my project – quite because I know that I could never be fully satisfied with any of my work. I am so proud of myself that I came on such a long journey that thought me how to deal with various issues and problems that always happen while working on my project. I tried many different methods of how to do my masks, and I found one that for this installation was perfect. I have to admit that even if it was great I still had some difficulties such as a broken hair dryer or blender and lots of money that I spent, but with time I started to learn how I react in stressful situations like this and I understood my emotions. That helped me to go through hard times with only one mental breakdown – an improvement!!! 

I was supposed to write about the Takeover show, but as always I got lost in my thoughts… Comparing this Takevoer to the one from the previous year it is hard to say which one was better or worse. Both had some pros and cons. I think the tours were better this year, but on the other hand, we had problems with T-shirts and we lacked things like stickers. The organization team was much bigger than last year and everyone was involved which is great and brings the hope for future years to make even better things that we did! I am staying in Aberystwyth for another year and I can’t wait to see what future and current students have prepared for us!

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