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Week 11 and conclusion

Week 11

During this week we were presenting our notebooks, which I think I did pretty well, even though it was a really bad day for me. I managed to fit in time and I covered everything essential for each week.

A lot of time during this week was just preparing for the takeover. I finished the publication, which wasn’t so easy but I’m still glad I did it and I’m happy to say it turned out great.

I think this year’s takeover turned out very nicely. Everything was nicely organised and a lot of people turned out. The whole event worked great with the theme of time. I’m happy that this takeover is my last one, it is a nice memory and a great ending for those three years.


This is my last conclusion and last post from this module, which is still something I haven’t fully processed. With that being said I’m happy that this project is my last one. I finally feel like I got it, with this project I truly showed my potential and the result was beautiful -at least for me. I think this project is a nice combination of everything I was working on during these past three years. I created something aesthetic that included elements of projection, installation and photography, which is something that I had been exploring and revolving around. I also feel that during this semester I created a project with a strong concept behind it- which is something that sometimes I was struggling with. My artistic research was more in-depth and it was strongly connected to my project which completed it even more. Another thing I’m pleased with is the development of my project and the evidence of that, I think it was the best process that I ever had. Week by week I was trying out different things and adding more to my project, I didn’t have to rush at the end, it was nicely developing during 10 weeks and at the end all of the elements connected and fell into place. It was amazing to see it at The Takeover exhibition, surrounded by people. I got some compliments about my work which was very nice to hear. I chose the right place- dance studio 4, which complimented my work and the mirror made it even more interesting which is something I was hoping for. The only problem with that space was that it wasn’t the most accessible place so I feel like a lot of people couldn’t find it. The notebook during this semester is also something that I’m happy about, I think I maintained a good quality of my post, they weren’t always on time but I tried my best.
I cannot only focus on this project in my conclusion- since it is my last one. I have to look at the whole picture. I’m proud of how much I accomplished during my time at university and how many skills I developed. I feel like I have a strong base for my creative practice that will help me out in my future career. I became a more confident artist that is ready to try out new things and present my ideas. I would like to thank Miranda for that, for giving me knowledge, skills and tools that I’m able to use in my future.
I remember when last semester Miranda said that I’m doing great and I almost got “it”, looking back I wasn’t sure what “it” was but I feel like I finally got it. Of course there still are and always will be things to work on but that’s part of it, to see them and do better next time. I still don’t think I have realized that this is my last semester but I feel like these three years dramatically changed me in the best possible way and I cannot wait for where my future will take me.

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