Weronika Kuczka


“Finding Vivian Maier” “Finding Vivian Maier” is a documentary film, from 2013, shown at festivals around the world – from Toronto and Berlin to Miami… Read More »Review

Week 9

Workshop During this week we had a group workshop created and prepared by Charly. We made letter stamps from sweet potato, and then we put… Read More »Week 9

Week 8

Research presentation related to the workshop During this week of workshops, all of us had to do individual research related to the workshop that we… Read More »Week 8

Week 7

Group workshop idea During this week’s workshops, everybody presented a group workshop idea. My idea was mostly concentrated on null island and what if we… Read More »Week 7

Week 6

Project… During this week, I mainly focused on editing my photos. I like the black and white edits, it makes this photos feel retro, like… Read More »Week 6

Week 5

Workshop part 2 During this week workshop we had 3 hours with at the beginning an empty piece of paper, some markers and different things… Read More »Week 5

Week 4

Workshop “Somewhere & Something” The whole workshop was quite surprising to me and I didn’t think that it will go that way. At the  beginning of… Read More »Week 4

Week 3

Lecture part 2- thoughts The second part of the lecture was more interesting to me, I found some pieces that grabbed my attention. The first… Read More »Week 3

Week 2

The journey is an element that is in everyone’s life without them even realizing. Our journey starts when we are born and ends when we… Read More »Week 2

Week 1

Reflection on the previous semester The last semester I did a project that related to the topic of animal. The project reflected my idea of our modern problem of disconnection form animal and nature and how we are blinded by technology all around us and how we keen to forget about our relation to the world of nature. I’m happy about how the project turned… Read More »Week 1