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Amy Hamlett

Week 7

For this week i have developed a more functional bird sculpture and given more thought into deeper understanding behind the materials and symbolism. Birds. I… Read More »Week 7

Week two

To begin this weeks development I want to acknowledge the recent events in my life and how they have influenced my idea of what home… Read More »Week two

Week 9

For the week my main focus was to practice my installation ready for our group presentation (part one of assessment 0ne). I also will be… Read More »Week 9

Week 8

For this week i have been developing my key memory drawings. The technique used in these drawings are similar to my journal experiments in that… Read More »Week 8

Week 7

Experiementing . This week I have been developing my installation ideas. Firstly i wanted to have a practice with my first idea, having the book… Read More »Week 7

Week six

Researching instalations. I am researching installations as I want to give lots of consideration to how I display my book. My first inial thoughts are… Read More »Week six

Week 1

Reflection Last year was hard for everyone with lockdowns alone taking effect on our mental health, I know I particularly struggled. I have learning difficulties… Read More »Week 1

Week 5

The main goal of this week was to continue developing my individual project as well as preparing my group project proposal. Group project I have… Read More »Week 5

Week 4

This week my goal was to refine my experiments as well as make bigger decisions about the structure of my project. To do this I’ve… Read More »Week 4

Week 3

This week we continued our class research through more free-flowing responses to the work shown. Unfortunately, I’m having some technical issues so I will be… Read More »Week 3

Week 2

Journey The new theme for this semester is “Journey”. To start this I began to ask myself questions, what is a journey? Why would i… Read More »Week 2