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Week 3

It’s taken me a few weeks to work out what I’d like to do for my project this semester. Our theme is ‘Journeys’ and I’ve… Read More »Week 3


When representing the home through an art form, we can settle for two perspectives – that of a person residing there, or of an outsider,… Read More »Review

My Review

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For my review I have chosen to take a more in-depth look at the commercials of Jimmy McGill from Better Call Saul. The AMC series… Read More »My Review

Week 3

This is a workshop where we are given and shown a list of work from different artist showing different form of art and perspectives on… Read More »Week 3

Week 7

I wanted to get more contributions on my dress picture so I took the picture to the canteen a few times in the week for… Read More »Week 7

week six

PROJECT: This week I have been feeling silent. The performances that I have been doing have been very movement orientated and I been feeling stunted… Read More »week six

week five

WORKSHOP: This week was our final workshop before the presentations and proposals of our group workshops based on the topic home and human flow. This… Read More »week five

week four

WORKSHOP: This week’s workshop was interesting, it didn’t go as planned, but some of the conversations we had as a class were enlightening and I… Read More »week four

week 3

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Week 2

So week 2 was mainly getting back on my feet with things. I had my first one to one with Miranda to go over thoughts… Read More »Week 2

Week 3

Do we give objects a Home? – What object to bring to class ? What is important to me – models, bikes, computers, people, friends,… Read More »Week 3


Lecture: Home part 1 /*! elementor – v3.5.5 – 03-02-2022 */ .elementor-image-gallery .gallery-item{display:inline-block;text-align:center;vertical-align:top;width:100%;max-width:100%;margin:0 auto}.elementor-image-gallery .gallery-item img{margin:0 auto}.elementor-image-gallery .gallery-item .gallery-caption{margin:0}.elementor-image-gallery figure img{display:block}.elementor-image-gallery figure figcaption{width:100%}.gallery-spacing-custom .elementor-image-gallery .gallery-icon{padding:0}@media… Read More »week2

Semester 2 Week 1

Our theme this semester is ‘Home’, and I’d like to interpret this theme in my own way.


Birds Aren’t Real: Starting in 2017, Bird’s Aren’t Real is a viral conspiracy theory created and lead by Peter McIndoe, that captured the attention and… Read More »Review

My review

Midsommar – by Ari Aster Midsommar is a disturbingly beautiful film which fallows the story of main character Dani. Dani receives a worrying email form… Read More »My review

week 9

With my idea still developing a colabratibe idea was proposed as our ideas were based around illustrations and memories and personal perspectives – we bonded… Read More »week 9


Reading Week My reading week was stressful personally with everything going on so an update on my work I started to draw on most night… Read More »WEEK 6


Chihiro’s journey starts with an unfortunate – for the girl – relocation to a different town. She is shown clutching at a bouquet of flowers… Read More »Review


All the Shades of Grief is a 2020 debut publication by the award-winning poet Ellora Sutton. This is an anthology of her works that explores… Read More »Review

Week 10

06.12.2021 20:32 “Winter Sleep Shivers” 07.12.2021 22:39 “W**** w****** m*” 08.12.2021 21:58 “inarticulate” 09.12.2021 22:01 “Cosmos” 10.12.2021 21:37 “Finish” This last image concludes this project.… Read More »Week 10

Entry 9

I started looking at ways I could use my body to actually create art. I was looking at Yves Klein and most his Anthropometries project.… Read More »Entry 9

Entry 7

TEARS TEARS TEARS I’ve got to say this project has definitely open up a barrel of emotions. Self image is a very big thing to… Read More »Entry 7