My Review

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For my review I have chosen to take a more in-depth look at the commercials of Jimmy McGill from Better Call Saul. The AMC series… Read More »My Review

Week 3

This is a workshop where we are given and shown a list of work from different artist showing different form of art and perspectives on… Read More »Week 3

week 8

experimentation : making a Buqalah pot with one of the landscape that shaped me When I contemplate this last year of university here in Aberystwyth,… Read More »week 8

week 7

Definition of sisterhood according to Merriam-Webster dictionary 1a: the state of being a sister b: sisterly relationship 2: a community or society of sistersespecially : a society of women in a religious order 3: the… Read More »week 7

week 6

Group workshop During this class, we had to stick black paper around the sculptures of the last workshop in the room. Then we had to… Read More »week 6

Week 3

Do we give objects a Home? – What object to bring to class ? What is important to me – models, bikes, computers, people, friends,… Read More »Week 3

week 11

Week 11 : an introspection The only constant about the theme journey is change. My journey of self healing took an unexpected turn and led… Read More »week 11

My review

Midsommar – by Ari Aster Midsommar is a disturbingly beautiful film which fallows the story of main character Dani. Dani receives a worrying email form… Read More »My review

week 9

With my idea still developing a colabratibe idea was proposed as our ideas were based around illustrations and memories and personal perspectives – we bonded… Read More »week 9


Reading Week My reading week was stressful personally with everything going on so an update on my work I started to draw on most night… Read More »WEEK 6

week 10

filling hypothetical exhibition proposals This week was the first hypothetical exhibition proposals. I enjoy filling these forms so much because this is such a valuable… Read More »week 10

Week 8

22.11.2021 – Blank Day 23.11.2021 Blank Day 24.11.2021 18:13 “(un)censored” 25.11.2021 (Blank Day) 26.11.2021 14:37 “Untitled” 27.11.2021 Blank Day 28.11.2021 Blank Day

Week 4

This week’s session took me by surprise. We were led into a small room with sweet potatoes standing on plinths and facts about sweet potatoes… Read More »Week 4

week 7

This was the group workshop proposal week, each student had to present their ideas to the class to lead the group project in two weeks.… Read More »week 7


Week 1 “Art is the playground of the imagination”… playground pics here, imagination maps

Week 7

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Workshop 4 This week we presented our group project ideas to the rest of the group. Rzeźbione Kopytka

Week 2

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Buen Camino The way of St. James is the name of a historic network of pilgrimage routes leading to the tomb of St. James in… Read More »Week 2

Week 4

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Guided meditation Begin by making yourself really comfortable wherever you are right now… You can do this sitting up in a comfortable chair that supports… Read More »Week 4

Week six

Researching instalations. I am researching installations as I want to give lots of consideration to how I display my book. My first inial thoughts are… Read More »Week six

week 6

During reading week, I finally recovered from being ill so I decided to go to the forest for both my Creative Writing and Interdisciplinary Art… Read More »week 6

week 5

This week was about brainstorming and conceptualizing the student-led group workshop project. The theme was null island and the sweet potato. My understanding of Null… Read More »week 5


Start with The Beach, falling down, trying to perfect a grace, so this is me trying movement, and then in the end I sing it,… Read More »WEEK 5


Horrible week. The horror acting thing didn’t go well.  But we went to Null island. Interesting place. SWEET POTATOES, I LIKE SWEET POTATOES.

Week 3

This week began with a presentation that continued on from last week, where we wrote and drew our responses to the video clips shown to… Read More »Week 3

Week 2

This week’s lecture was an interesting and unique experience. I’ve never been asked to respond to a presentation by documenting my conscious stream of thought… Read More »Week 2

Week 1

Journey With such broad topic to interpret, I wasn’t sure where to even begin. But all journeys have to start somewhere. I decided to recall… Read More »Week 1