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Sofia Ballesteros


During this week we were asked to pitch our presentations around the word we chose from the previous workshop. I decided to go with the… Read More »WEEK 8


This week has been reading week which means that we haven’t had classes but I have continued editing my film independently. After creating the structure… Read More »WEEK 6


WORKSHOP: During this week’s workshop, we were asked to look into the materiality of our project and what had we done with it so far,… Read More »WEEK 5


WORKSHOP: During this workshop we were given some seeds and whilst eating them we were prompt to make an idea germinate and phisicalize during the… Read More »WEEK 4


WORKSHOP During this week’s workshop we were presented with a number of different artworks related to time. Differently from the previous workshops of artist research… Read More »WEEK 3


WORKSHOP: This weeks workshop consisted on a group investigation on the topic of Time, as well as a collective brainstorming about our personal projects throughout… Read More »WEEK 2


During this last week, I’ve only had to focus on presenting my notebook to the group as my project was already compleated last week. Presenting… Read More »WEEK 10


During this week I finally started filming. It was very exciting but it took a lot of hours. Involved in the filming was going from… Read More »WEEK 5


WORKSHOP This week started off with the inspirational workshop where we were presented with lots of works from different artists. In this compilation of art… Read More »WEEK 2

Week 1

During this week we were introduced to the general structure of the module and to the theme of this semestre: HOME. I find this theme… Read More »Week 1

Week 5

Poems and drafts of the week: 2nd of November: Drafts: Final poem: 4th of November: Drafts: Final Poem: 7th of November: Drafts: Final poem: Poems… Read More »Week 5

week 3

The third week’s workshop was similar to the one on the second week, but the movies and texts that were presented to us were different.… Read More »week 3

week 1

During this first week I started brainstorming ideas for my individual project related with journey. Basically taking notes of everything that came to mind and… Read More »week 1