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Pola Kowalewska


The Cat Returns was produced in 2002 and directed by Hiroyuki Morita, who is now associated with the famous Studio Ghibli. It is another production… Read More »REVIEW

week 5

The second workshop – means that we have to figure out what we would like to do for the group project! Brainstorming… My idea is… Read More »week 5

week 4

This week we had our first workshops, that some of the people from our and other group found controversial and inappropriate. I am not saying… Read More »week 4

week 2

Unfortunately, I had covid, so I missed two first classes. But I decided to do some research when I felt better at my home! being… Read More »week 2

week 1

Like in the previous semester I think I will start with the summary of my previous project. Am I happy with it? I would say… Read More »week 1


Fantastic World by René Laloux Fantastic World is an animated science-fiction movie created in 1973 by René Laloux,  which destroys the stereotypical vision of animation… Read More »REVIEW

Week 6

What can I say the reading week was a READING week for real. Plus it was probably the worst week in this semester so far,… Read More »Week 6

Week 5

Working on a group project – continued. If have to be honest, the more I am thinking about this project the more confused I become… Read More »Week 5

Week 4

The class of this week was, how to describe it… peculiar. Miranda gave us a place and an object, which were supposed to help us… Read More »Week 4

Week 3

This week was the continuation of week 2 where we watched videos that Miranda prepared for us, and during that session, we could transfer our… Read More »Week 3

Week 2

“Everything’s the same, but at the same time everything’s changed. It changes the configuration of things slightly, not in a dramatic way, but in a… Read More »Week 2

Week 1

I think the best way to start my journal is to reflect a little on my project from my first year… Not everything turns out… Read More »Week 1