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Paulina Mikolajczak


According to the popular opinion, the popularity of horror films is because thanks to them we can face our fears in a controlled way. In… Read More »Review

Week 9

Testing set up in the Lighting room. Project execution

Week 8

Unfortunately I came down with a really bad cold that kept me in bed and mostly sleeping through the week. Thanks to my sister, I… Read More »Week 8

Week 7

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Workshop 4 This week we presented our group project ideas to the rest of the group. Rzeźbione Kopytka

Week 2

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Buen Camino The way of St. James is the name of a historic network of pilgrimage routes leading to the tomb of St. James in… Read More »Week 2

Week 4

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Guided meditation Begin by making yourself really comfortable wherever you are right now… You can do this sitting up in a comfortable chair that supports… Read More »Week 4

Week 1

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This week we had an introductory lecture. This semesters deadlined: Assignment 1: Week 11 Monday 13th December – Digital Proposal Form Assignment 2: Monday 10th… Read More »Week 1