Mai-Lyng Roberts

week 11

Week 11 : an introspection The only constant about the theme journey is change. My journey of self healing took an unexpected turn and led… Read More »week 11

week 10

filling hypothetical exhibition proposals This week was the first hypothetical exhibition proposals. I enjoy filling these forms so much because this is such a valuable… Read More »week 10

week 9

the journey The journey of my sexuality and self-discovery has brought me back to my source. I probably ended up thinking about my History in… Read More »week 9

week 8

presentations related to the group workshop Notes from the presentations of others back to the individual project It seems like the journey of self-healing and… Read More »week 8

week 7

This was the group workshop proposal week, each student had to present their ideas to the class to lead the group project in two weeks.… Read More »week 7

week 6

During reading week, I finally recovered from being ill so I decided to go to the forest for both my Creative Writing and Interdisciplinary Art… Read More »week 6

week 5

This week was about brainstorming and conceptualizing the student-led group workshop project. The theme was null island and the sweet potato. My understanding of Null… Read More »week 5

week 4

This week, Miranda introduced us to the first workshop called ‘Somewhere, something’. Something was given to us somewhere : a sweet potato and the Null… Read More »week 4

week 3

Again, I booked the project room this week. I went there Monday morning before the lecture. My intention was to allow myself to feel more… Read More »week 3

week 2

Déroutée is how I felt after this first lecture. I tried to find a word to express my feelings in English but this French word… Read More »week 2

week 1

Let’s begin with a reflection on the art I made last year… I have never been so satisfied with my work before, I can feel… Read More »week 1