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Charly Browne

week six

PROJECT: This week I have been feeling silent. The performances that I have been doing have been very movement orientated and I been feeling stunted… Read More »week six

week five

WORKSHOP: This week was our final workshop before the presentations and proposals of our group workshops based on the topic home and human flow. This… Read More »week five

week four

WORKSHOP: This week’s workshop was interesting, it didn’t go as planned, but some of the conversations we had as a class were enlightening and I… Read More »week four


All the Shades of Grief is a 2020 debut publication by the award-winning poet Ellora Sutton. This is an anthology of her works that explores… Read More »Review

week eight

WORKSHOP: I felt far more comfortable and confident presenting to the class this week after presenting last week. I actually found it quite enjoyable, I… Read More »week eight

week six

I have been determined this week to get out into the public again. I have definitely been hiding too much, although it was beneficial last… Read More »week six

week four

Workshop: I thought that our first workshop was thought provoking and interesting. I really enjoyed how lateral the thinking was and how each part fitted… Read More »week four

week two

I found our first lecture enjoyable as I like the act of drawing/writing whilst watching and listening. I often find this beneficial to express my… Read More »week two

week one

From our first class, I am feeling optimistic, excited, and inspired about the theme of journey. The words that I was drawn to during the… Read More »week one