Charly Browne


All the Shades of Grief is a 2020 debut publication by the award-winning poet Ellora Sutton. This is an anthology of her works that explores… Read More »Review

week eight

WORKSHOP: I felt far more comfortable and confident presenting to the class this week after presenting last week. I actually found it quite enjoyable, I… Read More »week eight

week six

I have been determined this week to get out into the public again. I have definitely been hiding too much, although it was beneficial last… Read More »week six

week four

Workshop: I thought that our first workshop was thought provoking and interesting. I really enjoyed how lateral the thinking was and how each part fitted… Read More »week four

week two

I found our first lecture enjoyable as I like the act of drawing/writing whilst watching and listening. I often find this beneficial to express my… Read More »week two

week one

From our first class, I am feeling optimistic, excited, and inspired about the theme of journey. The words that I was drawn to during the… Read More »week one