Amber Wood

Week 2

So week 2 was mainly getting back on my feet with things. I had my first one to one with Miranda to go over thoughts… Read More »Week 2

My review

Midsommar – by Ari Aster Midsommar is a disturbingly beautiful film which fallows the story of main character Dani. Dani receives a worrying email form… Read More »My review

Entry 9

I started looking at ways I could use my body to actually create art. I was looking at Yves Klein and most his Anthropometries project.… Read More »Entry 9

Entry 7

TEARS TEARS TEARS I’ve got to say this project has definitely open up a barrel of emotions. Self image is a very big thing to… Read More »Entry 7

Entry 5

I was thinking about what things people like to nose at when looking at other peoples lives. Some people like looking at make overs, when… Read More »Entry 5

Entry 4

Looking at the materials I have at hand I wanted to look at different ways I could create different images using my face. I had… Read More »Entry 4

Entry 3

Self acceptance is very big journey in everyone’s life, trying to figure out who you are and where you belong can be very daunting. Everything… Read More »Entry 3

Entry 2

Starting up on research! After speaking to Miranda and clearing the way for my idea I decided to start looking into different artists within the… Read More »Entry 2