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Becky week 9

Claymation workshop

This week we did a Claymation workshop chosen by Mike. For the first half we sat around making village people, animals and buildings out of clay. And then brought all the models together to create a scene, which Mike then captured photos while we moved the models about to make a short stop motion film. I really liked this workshop, I felt we had a lot of fun doing it, and it has given me some inspiration for future projects. Then at the end we all watched the video made, it was only 20 seconds which is mad as it took so long to get all the shots, but was worth it.

The final project broken down

This week I placed the photos on my flat wall to mimic how they would look for the proposal form. I sketched a little title to feel like the project was complete and added the words of each day next to its pictures. The words I have are: Calm, Life, Pressure, anxiety, Fine, Rain, frustration, Routine, Confusion, Breakdown, Depressed, Overwhelmed, Habit, Fear, Tired, Peaceful, Satisfied, Busy, Content, and Panic

I found it difficult to choose which photos I wanted to show and which ones I didn’t. I took a total of 135 photos, but in the end I focused on the ones that I think represented not only my mental health, but also who I am as an artist. I think the project could go a lot further, my photos could be improved and I could go into painting the emotions of each day, but I’m happy with the point I have come to. And I hope the message of sharing mental health and understanding the ins and outs of living with these struggles has come across through my photos.

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