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Becky week 8

Power point presentation

For the presentation this week, I chose the word “family” to research. I looked into the Tate Museum and the family art exhibition they have there, focusing on different artists displaying their work like Louise Bourgeois who focuses on childhood memories and trauma, and Dale Harding who focuses on his ancestors and their community, and the meaning behind family. I was very nervous to present my power point, but I received good feedback and I am happy I did it.

If the work doesn’t relate to your family or community, then what’s the point?


Tracey Karima Emin, born 3rd of July 1963, is a British artist known for her autobiographical and confessional artwork. Emin experiments with a variety of media such as drawing, painting, sculpture, film, photography and sewn applique.

Emin’s photography project “my photo album,” is a journey presenting the artists life. consisting of edited photos, she has kept from her early childhood, such as sharing a pram with her twin brother Paul as babies, her bus pass photo at fourteen, a shoot as a semi naked art student, through to her success as an artist and hanging around with David Bowie and Ronnie Wood.

More than a lot of artists working today, Emin’s work is centred around her first-hand experiences and documenting her life. In her phots you can pinpoint the moments that have shaped her and influenced her work in over projects. Emin’s photos have a caption or notes accompanying the photographs. Which is something I would like to embed into my project.


This is the complete set of photos. There is 100 photos which will be displayed into sets of 5 to represent 20 days of capturing my mental health.

Experimenting for the Takeover

For the Hypothetical takeover, my idea would be to display the photos on a board with some form of text incorporated. The Audience would then be free to move the photos around and create their own story of mental health. They could group images together or just put them in an order of their perspective, I would then supply sticky notes for them to write down a word to sum up the project.

I had Mike come into the Project room with me and put the photos in to groups of five from his perspective, to compare them with my groups of five to see how different or similar they were. I will then compare them to my sets of 5 later in the week.

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