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Becky Week 5

This week’s journal is a bit hard for me to do because I feel I haven’t done anything productive this week for my project or I.P To start this week off I tested positive for Covid and then got a chest infection, so I haven’t been focused on any work whatsoever. I took some photos while I was ill to just document what I was doing but ended up finding it tedious when nothing changed.

I missed week 5 I.P. so I asked around about what I missed and tried to do something to make up for it. I wrote a bunch of words on post it notes that i thought were related to last weeks workshop and some ideas for my own workshop. I have one idea to cute up different fruit and veg and then dip them in paint and make a painting out of them. It’s childish and probably something you would do in primary school, so I like it.


Because I was so ill this week I didn’t take many photos or document much. The photos I did take of my unmade bed, view from my flat window, medicine and the what I was doing to stay sane, show how bad some of the days can get, especially with the bug on top of them.

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