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Becky week 4


Sophie Calle

Sophie Calle is a French writer, photographer, installation artist and conceptional artist. Her work frequently depicts human vulnerability and examines identity and intimacy, (something I also wish to capture in my project). Her photographic work often includes panels of text in her ow writing. She also has a detective like tendency to follow people and capture their private lives.

in February 1981, Calle took a job as a hotel maid in Venice. Over the course of three weeks, she took photos of whatever she found in the hotel rooms. She looked through wallets, suitcases, photographed beds, bins and the clothes of guests. Her only rule was if something was hidden away or locked uo she would not intervene, otherwise anything lying about was an open invitation.

As a result, she created a diary “the hotel”, and the project “the art of leaving a trace”, an organized collection of room numbers from the hotel and what she found inside.  

John William Keedy

John William Keedy is an American photographer and graphic designer creating work blending commercial and fine art. He received a Bachelor of Arts in studio art and a in psychology from trinity university in 2007. And then a Master of Fine Arts in imaging arts from the Rochester institute of technology in 2013. He is currently the marketing production manager at core creative in San Antonio, Texas.

Keedy sheds light on the untold truth behind mental health issues by displaying his perspective of dealing with anxiety in his series “it’s hardly noticeable.” A couple of years after being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, he started photographing this series to satisfy his condition and raise awareness for those with mental illnesses. The project follows a series of struggles he faces daily. He takes what society claims as normal and turns them into a chaotic display of events. Like his multiple keys on one keychain or organising his toothpicks on the sink. The general public had mixed reactions to this project, some saying it brought comfort while others bothersome to their own experiences.

I like the organised mess of each photograph, but the key one triggers something uncomfortable.

I.P workshop

I took some photos of the I.P lesson while everybody was making curry. It felt really natural to just goof around with people and experience something this unique.

Miranda played one of my favourite songs “beautiful day” by U2. I’ve seen them live in concert and it quite literally made my day beautiful.

Experiment and reflection

This week I went home for my Nieces 5th birthday. Whilst at home I took photos of my dad’s routine of feeding the bird, looking after the fish and dogs. He also suffers with mental health and finds keeping a routine the best way to battle through. I admire him in a way that he does this routine every day. He goes to work at 5am, comes home, feeds the animals, plays tennis, and then spends time with my mum.

Keeping to my theme of taking photos to represent my mental health. I have a few doodles I made when I was over thinking things or anxious. I couldn’t get much done this week because I was in and out of A&E with my mum. My mental health has definitely taken a hit, not knowing if my mums okay. Falling behind on work and trying to catch up takes it out of me. It has been very stressful.

In the next week I plan to book the project room and display my photos to see what I have done so far and think about what I can improve or if there’s anything I want to include like sound.

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  1. a difficult week so well done on getting the post done, the project is gathering momentum, it feels thoughtful and contemplative, reflective. Yes a great idea to get into the project room next week and lay out what you have got, what works, resonates, where it can go next and pick up the pace..

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