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Becky week 3


This week was part 2 of stream of consciousness drawing. I took some photos of the finished sheets I did after sticking them up on the wall. I like the tree, cow and fountain that I drew the best.


The two artists I researched were Wayne Thiebaud – three treats and Jonas Mekas – diary

Wayne Thiebaud – Three Treats 1975 – 76

He was an American painter known for his still life of edible treats and everyday singular objects. He started his career off in stage design and lighting, bit eventually switched to fine art at the California state university when he realised nobody was doing anything like the little sketches he was making out of shapes such as cylinders and triangles to create a drawing.

Inspired by “I Macchiaioli”, a group of 19th century Italian artists, who built up thick layers of paint to heighten contrast between light and shadow. Specialising in oil paints, Thiebaud took this further with applying the paint, so it evoked the physical substances such as the treats. The lack of background transforms the display into a surreal landscape that plays with our sense of scale.

He also mastered his use of colour whilst working for Disney in 1936.

Jonas Mekas – Diary 2010-18

Born in 1922 in the farming village of Semeniskiai, Lithuania. Jonas was taken by Nazis into a forced labour camp, but later left for New York city in 1949. There he bought his first Bolex camera and began to record his life. he proceeded to start the Film Culture Magazine and publish over 25 poetry books between 1954 until his death in 2019.

His Diary consists of poetic filming of his daily life in short bursts, unscripted and natural. He documented different periods of his life such as, immigrant communities, 60’s avant-garde scene and his return to Lithuania.

My favourite is “At the lamb Pub” because my original idea was to document the customers in the pub I work at.


Depression has life changing effects on the people (like me) who suffer from it. The isolation and fear stall or stop the progress in life. feeling like there is no point, but the overwhelming fear of anxiety to no not fail.

Edward Honoker

Diagnosed at 19

His photos capture the isolation that comes with depression and anxiety.

“Your mind is who you are. And when it doesn’t work properly, it’s scary” (Honoker, 2017)

Gabriel Isak

Project – The Blue Journey

A series of surreal photos

John William Keedy

Project – Its hardly noticeable

He juxtaposes normal behaviour, like flossing you teeth, with abnormal behaviours like obsessively arranging them on the sink.

Richard Billingham

Photography focuses on his alcoholic father, Ray. And his violent mother, Liz. All inside the council flat in which they lived. He also directed a film about Ray and Liz, which breathes life into the original stills.


The process of my photos

After my Tutorial with Miranda, I came to the decision to display my photos with the invisible illness, and make it visible to the viewer. I intend to document my ‘good days’ and my ‘bad days’, in a series of 5 phots a day.

I also took a short recording if the sounds I heard when i went for a cigarette. it’s just birds, traffic and the sounds of me smoking.


Sara Barnes/2017/Article ”10 expressive photographers whose poignant images shed light on depression” (online)

Jonas Mekas/bibliography/

Clayton Schuster/2012-2022/sartle

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