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Becky Week 2


In the Seminar this week we spent the session watching short films, clip, photos and listening to readings about the theme Everyday. Whilst doing this we were doing a stream of consciousness drawing, it took me a while to get into the rhythm of it and try not to make the drawings too perfect but in the end i enjoyed the natural feel of the pen just scribbling on paper.


THE GIRL CHEWING GUM by John Smith, 1976

The girl chewing gum is a 12-minute film by British artist John Smith. The film consists of people and random events on a busy street in London, with a voice of narration directing the actions of each individual. The girl who chews gum only makes a brief appearance throughout the entire film. The film is black and white with brief shots of pigeons and a clock as well as people.

Inspired by a 1973 film La Nuit Américaine (day for night) by French director Francois Truffaut. Who whilst filming a scene in the snow, wanted every detail to be perfect. So, he directed every movement of every extra. Smith borrowed this, but instead narrated the actions, first seemingly instructing and then describing.

I like how simple the film is. Nothing is over complicated; it does not glorify or dramatize the actions of the people. It is just a continuous shot, like a documentary into the busy street of London.

I also like how Smith was not there during the recording, he was miles away in a field. It felt like he was giving the audience this moment to be alone with the film.


So far, I have taken some photos of coffee mugs, the rain, cigarettes, and medication. Its an insight into albeit unhealthy but none the less my coping mechanisms.

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  1. An intriguing set of photos Becky, definitely something to build on, the cigarette, the coffee and the medication could be the constants while the other elements change, I like the arrangement, could it be 5 photos a day..keep going Becky, pick up on what you have started and do more..remember it is 2 artists from each presentation that you need to research, get more into the notebook: your drawings from the class, research from the class as well as reflection, research and experimentation for your project. There is an awareness and sensitivity in this beginning, harness it, run with it..turn it into something..

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