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Becky week 10

Final week and final project

This week everyone presented their proposal forms, along with my project “as
of yet undiagnosed”. I found it difficult at first to fill in the proposal form,
I wasn’t sure how I was going to turn my project into a display and have the
audience interaction that I wanted. But it helped that the form was in stages
and that there is no perfect idea to the display and everybody is in the same boat
as me. After finishing the project and seeing it all displayed on my wall, I am
very happy with the final outcome and proud it’s finished and of all the hard
work I put into this project. It was amazing to see everyone’s ideas for the
hypothetical takeover and how much work and creative genius that has gone into
this semester. I think all the mental breakdowns and hard moments have been
worth it, it was stressful at times and difficult to complete some of the
notebooks and making sure I documented everything. But I I know I did the best
to my ability and have moments I can work on for next semester.

Looking back at the first week of this project I can see how much I have
developed in my skills and confidence to share such an emotional side of my
life. I have enjoyed how I have incorporated and taken inspiration from artists
such as Tracey Emin and her photo album project on documenting her life from
childhood, and I managed to get a bit of David Bowie into my project! And
including John William Keedy, looking at the photography he had done, and comparing
my photos of lining up my food next to his floss sticks.  I Have also
learnt new skills from the workshops and just by looking at other projects, it
has given me some ideas for future work and got me excited for semester 2. I would
like to try either stop motion or painting next time, or maybe try something I have
never done before and experiment with that.

I had the most help from Miranda during our one to one tutorial’s, she
helped me discover new artists and to work out what project I wanted to go with
and then build up the routine of 5 photos every day after I had some basic
photos put down. She also helped me become okay with sharing my mental health
and turning it into a form of art and helped me to present my work and feel comfortable
during lessons. I think next time I need to work on not putting so much pressure
on myself and ask for help when I need it. I am looking forward to seeing
everyone’s finished notebooks and having them see my journey through the

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