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Week 9

Student Led Workshop Worry Dolls This type of creating was new and similar to me. The workshop was structured and had great fun doing it… Read More »Week 9

Week 8

I got the word bonfire, at first I didn’t find a new artist to present and talk about – There are artist who do fire… Read More »Week 8

Week 7

The chosen project was the ‘Worry Dolls’ The concept was really interesting and simple – The idea of working with everyone seemed like a lil… Read More »Week 7

week 10

-proposal form- Now that my project is complete this week I became focused on my proposal form, completed over the weekend and the script for… Read More »week 10

week 9

I began this week by photographing my finished product in the lighting room, utilising the white backdrop to portray the displacement of the boxes in… Read More »week 9

Week 9

Project During this week I was finishing my project. The most important thing for me was to create the installation that would tie all of… Read More »Week 9

daily project update

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Week 8

Project During this week I was supposed to shoot one more topic- self-portraits but from the roll on which I was shooting this, not one… Read More »Week 8

Week 7

Project I finally developed photos from previous weeks when I started to feel better at the end of the week. Here they areThis is from… Read More »Week 7

week 8

Here’s my artist research presentation for the group project: This week we researched artists based on words we were given in the last workshop. My… Read More »week 8

Week 7

This week revolved around our plans for a group workshop and its presentation of it. The planning for this took place in week 6 including… Read More »Week 7

week 6

OH MY GOD I hate (Grammarlyadvices me to change it to “I’m not fond of” to sound more diplomatic, but there is not even a… Read More »week 6

Week 5

The planning workshop To start this workshop we looked around and were sitting in middle of laid out, lit boxes. The room felt warm and… Read More »Week 5


During this week I finally started filming. It was very exciting but it took a lot of hours. Involved in the filming was going from… Read More »WEEK 5

Week 5

Project  During this week I thought more carefully about the structure of my project and I’m trying to organise it better. I’m trying to divide… Read More »Week 5

week 5

This week I haven’t attended class, because I felt pretty bad. Fresher’s flu in early November? Maybe I know that others brainstormed ideas for the… Read More »week 5

Week 6

Unfortunately, due to poor weather conditions and timing, I haven’t had the chance to progress with the graffiti as of Thursday, but I intend to… Read More »Week 6

Week 4

Project During the previous week, I was photographing architecture and buildings and during this week I was focusing on photographing people (street photography). I developed… Read More »Week 4