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This session I presented a workshop on megastructures I was inspired by the work of Rachel Whiteread Rachel Whiteread is a British artist known for… Read More »WEEK 7

week 6

Presentations – My project was called build up I took upon simple themes and core aspects of my project and pushed it further to a… Read More »week 6

Week 5

In this week’s workshop, we focused on “now”, exploring our senses at the moment through meditation, smelling leaves, touching dirt and eating ginger to form… Read More »Week 5


WORKSHOP: During this week’s workshop, we were asked to look into the materiality of our project and what had we done with it so far,… Read More »WEEK 5

Week 5

Project At the end of this week, I finally got to borrow equipment from the creative arts studio. I bought flowers, limes and blueberries and… Read More »Week 5

Week 5

This week we also have some kind of brainstorming workshop, but it looked different than Tim’s one. Miranda at the beginning gave us bags with… Read More »Week 5

Week 4

This week we had another workshop with Tim. We mostly focused on the past, a very distant past. I mean 500,000 YEARS AGO PAST. So… Read More »Week 4

Week 4

Workshop with Tim  The topic for this workshop was time travel. Which is a very interesting topic. Time travel is used in a lot of… Read More »Week 4

week 4

To begin with this week I finished the oil painting, spoken about in last week’s post. While I love the final piece, enjoying the lighting… Read More »week 4


WORKSHOP: During this workshop we were given some seeds and whilst eating them we were prompt to make an idea germinate and phisicalize during the… Read More »WEEK 4

Week 3

To begin with, in this week’s lecture we looked at various artists in different mediums and how they handled the concept of time. I found… Read More »Week 3

Week 3

Presentation 1 and artist research This week we had a presentation by an artist related to the topic of time, made by Miranda. I liked… Read More »Week 3


WORKSHOP During this week’s workshop we were presented with a number of different artworks related to time. Differently from the previous workshops of artist research… Read More »WEEK 3

week 1

My thoughts on the last semester? Knackering, nerve-wracking, painful. Summarizing – not the best, to put it mildly… But!!!! I always find something positive even… Read More »week 1


WORKSHOP: This weeks workshop consisted on a group investigation on the topic of Time, as well as a collective brainstorming about our personal projects throughout… Read More »WEEK 2

Week 11

For out final week of term we finalised this project by completing our notebook presentation. Unfortunately I didn’t finish in the 10 minutes allocated however… Read More »Week 11


During this last week, I’ve only had to focus on presenting my notebook to the group as my project was already compleated last week. Presenting… Read More »WEEK 10

Week 10

This semester ending feels emotional to me, I feel proud of myself. This project has developed and finished at a stage I never expected. I… Read More »Week 10