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week 9:

Class work: for this weeks class we had Dee taking over with her workshop on environmentally friendly painting practice. we started by looking at a… Read More »week 9:

Week 10

Week 10 is the proposal form, so here is mine. I’m so happy that it’s finally finished and done. I feel so relieved after giving… Read More »Week 10

Week 9

Workshop This week Amy prepared a group workshop for us, which was lovely. We were painting chosen objects in different time frames starting from a… Read More »Week 9

Week 8

What happened this week? If it comes to classes we had a class with Tim about the research we’ve done due to the group workshop… Read More »Week 8

Week 7

This week I wasn’t at the class, because I felt sick. I had my birthday party the other day and apparently, I ate something off… Read More »Week 7

Week 8

Workshops During this week we were doing artist research presentations, which I unfortunately missed because I wasn’t feeling too good. The word that I had… Read More »Week 8

Takeover statement – Becky

A display of a series of scenes depicting childhood memories throughout time, including handmade clay sculptures and a workshop for children to be involved.


During this week we were asked to pitch our presentations around the word we chose from the previous workshop. I decided to go with the… Read More »WEEK 8


This week has been reading week which means that we haven’t had classes but I have continued editing my film independently. After creating the structure… Read More »WEEK 6

Week 6

Project The first week of shooting passed and I thought that this will be enough time to shoot my time-lapse video but I don’t seem… Read More »Week 6

Week 6

This week was extra chaotic. To be honest I don’t know how to control my own life anymore. It’s getting hard – I have work,… Read More »Week 6

Week 7

Artist research: Dame Phyllida Barlow who was born on 4 April 1944, and died on 12 March 2023,[1] was a British visual artist.[2]  Studying at Chelsea College… Read More »Week 7


This session I presented a workshop on megastructures I was inspired by the work of Rachel Whiteread Rachel Whiteread is a British artist known for… Read More »WEEK 7