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Anne with an E review.

Anne with an E 

For my review I will be writing about the beloved Netflix original Anne with an E, after recently rewatching the show I’ve further solidified my love for the characters and the engaging story.  In this review I will be talking through the plot, the main character Anne and the shows relevance to our theme of Home and my project.

Anne with an E is a Canadian T.V. series loosely adapted from Lucy Maud Montgomery’s 1908 literature classic, Anne of Green Gables.  Set in 1896 on Prince Edward island in Canada the story follows the young redheaded orphan Anne who, after trying years of abuse and hardship, is sent to live with the brother and sister duo the Cuthbert’s. Though mistakenly sent instead of a boy, it is Anne’s charm and spirit for life that leads to her adoption. The show really engages the theme of Home as the viewer watches Anne grow into our new home and into being loved by the community around her. The show reveals the pitfalls of Annes experience, treated with hostility and unkindness due to her appearance and social status Anne struggles to feel a true sense of belonging and worth. However, as much as Anne builds and forms the home she also serves as a disruptor to it once she enters the community her sense for justice and equality challenges the life existing there already. 

Anne with an E addresses important issues throughout the 3 seasons, each in an engaging and emotional way for the viewer. The original book highlights the flaws of the care system and the unfortunate cycle of abuse many children face as they wait for a forever home. However, in the series they explore theme on much wider scope, for example the original book only includes white characters whereas the series has openly discusses the racism the characters experience. This adaptation from the book is elevating the story by becoming more inclusive for the viewers benefit but to be honest about Canadas history, in the later season we meet a native family who is torn apart from one another by the governments “schooling” system. The mistreatment of the native community has left lasting scars on not only Canada but the wider world, seeing this representation in Anne with an E is important to many. 

For most people home is difficult to truly replicate, the sense of comfort and belonging can be temporarily recreated but never the same. I have been exploring the ideas of home, and what it is that feels like home replicated. Ironically in a way when watching Anne with an E I feel a comfort and a sense of home within it. This could be because of the support and love shown in the series, but I think it’s more complex than that. Anne with an E serves as a coming-of-age story that displays the awkwardness of young life, Anne repeatedly gets herself into trouble making mistakes and being punished for them, yet we still see love and forgiveness from family and friends who care for her. It could be argued that Anne’s vulnerability shown is relatable to people of all ages and Anne serves as a good role model for younger viewers. 

The show also explores themes of nature which connect closer to my own work this semester. I have created bird sculptures and nests made of recycled material in order to communicate the relationship humans have with the earth, our home. I can see this idea in Anne with an E, Anne regularly speaks to animals and plants, she romanticises the world around her in a way which is so special and wholesome to watch. 

I think that Anne with an E opens a conversation about the importance of Tv in the home. I know that T.V. is a luxury, and that there is more to life than to disconnect from it via storylines and clear pictures, however there’s something really special about that disconnect. I spend a lot of time watching tv with my partner, we put the kettle on and sit comfy watching something together, this small ritual in our relationship means a lot to both of us. We watched Anne with an E, experiencing the emotions, pitfalls and messages of the show together, this makes the show a happy place for both of us. I think a lot of couple probably experience this and that TV in the home can strengthen our bonds, as Anne with an E highlights these bonds are fragile and irreplaceable so we should do everything we can to get the most of the time we have we the people we love, even if it’s something as simple as the nightly TV ritual. 

In conclusion, though the fourth season of the show was cancelled the ending of the third season was satisfying enough that I would still recommend anyone who has not yet watch this series to allow the charming Anne into their hearts.  It is worth it to watch as Anne makes friends and how she learns that home is the people she loves, even the people she may hate, she learns that its complicated and not picture perfect but it’s an environment that belong to you, a space which you belong.

Witten By Amy Hamlett.

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