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So much has happened this week I don’t even know where to start. I had to finish my project before Friday, as that’s when the… Read More »WEEK 9


“Resonance is the soul of the form” – Cecilia Vicuña (talking about Kandinsky in the Guggenheim)

Week 7

Workshop pitch This week, we pitched our workshop for week 9. To recap last week: my workshop explored identity through sound, during which participants would… Read More »Week 7

Week 5

The collages: This week, I finalised the collages, for which I decided to change my appearance in the scenes to the glowing entity seen above.… Read More »Week 5


During this week I have continued the research I started last week and have started to experiment with the ideas that this research brought me.… Read More »WEEK 5

week 3

Regarding my connection to my surroundings when it comes to appreciating my circumstances, I’ve found that while the sound and people are clear and influential… Read More »week 3

Week 6

Interdisciplinary 5 A change of pace In my photography lesson last week, I was reminded of an option of printing photographs from negatives by using… Read More »Week 6

week 2

“Sound can be a huge source of inspiration; it triggers our imagination and prompts action. Unlike image, which remains superficial, sound puts us right in… Read More »week 2

Janoš week 3

Seminar: This week’s mini lecture and seminar was all about site-specific art. We learned about the different sub-styles like land art, installations and location-based projects.… Read More »Janoš week 3

Week 1

To begin with this week, we performed writing exercises involving writing without pause and spellcasting. I found this to be an effective meditative exercise that… Read More »Week 1


This week I started with my personal tutorial on Monday, it was very useful to go through my objectives for the semester to start the… Read More »WEEK 3

Week 4

Interdisciplinary 5 The road goes on… An overview of this semester so far: At this point in time I’m about 25% on my way to… Read More »Week 4


Workshop: During this weeks workshop we went into some theory about sound specific art, which was very interesting because I hadn’t encountered almost none of… Read More »WEEK 2

Week 2

Interdisciplinary 5 Roll Film! This weeks lesson was extremely valuable to me in terms of growth. It was very refreshing and breathed a huge amount… Read More »Week 2


I have really enjoyed this first week of class, both in IP and IN the rest of my modules, I feel filled with excitement to… Read More »WEEK 1

Week 1

Interdisciplinary 5 An Unexpected I.P I rarely ever miss a lesson and I unfortunately missed the first group tutorial, upon talking to classmates, I discovered… Read More »Week 1