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Additional Elements – Added and Missed Research

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Class which was focussed on research and taking note of artists. I can’t comment on what I was feeling but I do remember some artist which have stuck with me on from this presentation. In particular I remember writing the word Dualities. Dualities in everyday !

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

This was the start of my powerpoint on construction. I didn’t fully finish it but I had heard that we had decided that we were going with the doll project. I thought about construction. Interestingly for my last powerpoint I had also got construction. I looked at how we maybe constructing them and what options we had ? I looked at wire dolls as a potential option. I then found sculptures by various artists who used these doles. I ended up with three options including Rene Romero Schuler, William Turnball and Alberto Giacometti. I thought this would be a fascinating look into how we could construct these dolls.

In hindsight I am not sure how useful this may have been as we instead made them out of hessian. I think that however if I had done some practical research into sewing and sewing techniques involving the construction I think that this would have been very helpful indeed.

I did not ever finish this powerpoint or present it in class.

Week 8

Richard Long

Following up on references given to me by Richard Brooks, I found it interesting how an artist can have such an influence on such a large cycling event. Box Hill is known to me more as a cyclist than as a piece of artwork by Richard Brooks. I love the patterns. I find it fascinating that perhaps one of the artist that we first looked at in IP 4 years ago was Richard Long. His lines and walks and how he documents them is fantastic. Looking into Richard Long again reminded me that the way of recording the art is incredibly important and also a creative choice !

I also find it interesting there are two ways, the publics way of recording, this was a huge societal event ! The media portrayed it in colour Richard long on his website chose black and white. It’s all interesting creative choices – I have a lot of choices to make !

Week 9

Week 10

I somehow forgot to include my proposal form in the Week 10.

Overall it went well however page 9 was my weakest. I was unable to complete the form. I had got as far as I could which included the location of where I was going to be and the artists also. I would like to have completed this section of the form for sure. I needed to do some more diagrams etc which would enable to me represent my vision. Looking at everyone else’s proposals there was. a-lot more there ! I wish I had been able to do the same. I think perhaps I mis-interpreted the form and the importance and power that this form had.

However there are some strengths, I am very happy with the practicalities as I feel like they are simple and strong. I think this also goes well as I have now participated in the takeover exhibition and I am competent at organising with others. My 100 word statement also helped me to distill the concept of my project.

Week 11

I re – wrote this many times these are some of the additional noetes but I don’t like how it was going so I stopped feel free to not read this

Conclusion Draft –

To write a conclusion you have to look at the beginning. So here I am Week 1 – “For my future project I would like to work in another new media, this is my only goal currently. I am not sure what this entails.” In some ways this is true, instead of creating a performance I have created an installation work that does not have any involvement with myself directly. What I do find interesting is that there are elements of all of my projects I have done for IP over the last 4 years in this project :

“Saltberg” 2019- Proportional representation involving statistics

“Subaquatic Sounds” 2020- Audio Recording and pre recorded element, cycling following a path.

“The Dependence of the Two Wheeled Home” 2022 – Cycling, material, lighting, installation, similar meaning, personal.

Why is this ? Well I think simply it is comfort, but also where we find inspiration. For all of these projects there is something different but also something similar.

Having had time to reflect I think that the true beginning of my project was sat talking to my classmates in the pub after class on day 1. We were discussing what we wanted our projects to be. In class we had been looking at Duchamp and looking at his ‘readymades’, his work titled “Bicycle Wheel” clicked with me initially because there were multiple different versions. As a bicycle mechanic I found it interesting how there were two different bicycle forks in the images one was racked the other was a straight fork. It was fascinating to see where Duchamp had come from artistically and what made him create these readymades ! In the pub I was able to flesh out the idea. I suspended the my bicycle from the ceiling. This was actually an organic process. I was imagining how simple Duchamp’s readymades were and I wanted to experiment this. After this it was where to go next. I remember talking to Phil about creating a metal mesh to suspend things from the ceiling. I wanted to dismantle bicycle and suspend them there. This was all experimentation I had in mind. However it did not happen. Unfortunately illness and experimentation to a hard brake. I was unwell for a number of weeks so I missed Week 4, Week, 5, Week 6 and continued to be unwell for sections of time. I found it difficult to get involved conceptually in my project.

It took me some time to get re-motivated for this project. I think this is because I find the project hard, conceptually it is difficult. The lack of definitive process rules make it harder. There are many mediums to work in to get your point across it is just the one you choose and the journey then you take… and whether this ends or doesn’t, with you or not…

A key moment in my project was having tutorials with Richard Brooks, Miranda Whall, as well as friends, colleagues and friends. But in particular I talked with Richard about all of my art practices. It was great to be able to talk to someone about my complete art practice, we never seem to get a chance to do this, why ? Anyway I started to get hit with some clearness about what my project should be, we talked about my strengths as a communicator. I followed up a week later with a really good tutorial with Miranda which allowed me to take the pressure of making an elaborate project when I was unwell.

I ended up creating a concept around the project which involved m

My key favourite moments in this project was in the first few weeks where I was working incredibly prolifically I was in and out of the studios and creating simple organic ideas.

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